Sexual Assault - Reporting, Legal Rights, And Child Care

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Sexual Assault Reporting Legal Rights And Child Care
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In one of the recent incidents in Muzaffarpur in Bihar, 44 girls had been allegedly reported to have been raped mercilessly for months, at a State-run shelter. Out of these 44, more than 30 have been confirmed to be raped post a medical examination.

As parents one should remain aware of our rights and how can we report such incidents and what should one do in situations like these. It’s crucial to prevent such sexual assaults against children and be able to nab serial abusers before they execute.


Our Rights & How Can We Handle Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Child sexual interactions or abuse among or with children below the age of 18 years constitute an offence in the court of law and there are severe punishments against such offence. As a parent, you must be aware of reporting and legal actions against such severe insane doings. Read on...


  • Help the child to cope up : Remember what has happened is not the child’s fault. At the beginning try to confirm if your child is being sexually abused. Read - Know the signs of sexual abuse.  The child should be immediately taken for a medical examination and then medication and follow on appointments to be followed religiously. While and post the medical attention try and induce the fact that whatever happened is not his/her fault. Sexual assault and abuse have extreme impacts on the cognitive ability and confidence of the child, as they can go into a shock or a severe depression. Hence it would take reasonable time for the child to cope up mentally.
  • Report it in the first place: When you see the wrong-doings against children anywhere, never contain it! Even if its been reported within the society the wrong-doer would have some resistance to it. Ideally take it till filing a formal complaint. The idea is to make sure that serial abuser is brought down or such behaviour is nipped in the beginning. By doing this, your would save another child from the assault.
  • Seek help online: While you  try to get a help locally, and may feel exhausted after sometime, do try to get online with your issue without dropping any names. For instance, you could report through social media or file a complaint online keeping your identity as anonymous. You would have lesser restrictions and can reach to higher authorities in most such cases.
  • Know your legal rights : POSCO Act (The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012) entails strong punishments for any sexual abuse, rape or assault. Sexual interactions or abuse among or with children below the age of 18 years constitute an offence in the court of law and there are severe punishments against such offence.
  • Train children on how to fight an abuse: This is an effective line of defense. Train children to fight if they get into the clutches of such people. If they are clear with the action plan, only then they will be in a position to execute it when it’s a real – life incident. Read How to educate child Good touch vs Bad Touch
  • Act now: The child shall continue to be in the same society/locality after such incidents so If we don’t correct ourselves and keep deferring such concerns, it will lead to more such cases. What I mean here is not acting is not an option. So better act now.
  • Build a community to fight Sexual Abuse: We get into groups when it comes to fee hike or for that matter issue of negligence shown by the school administration. As its effective and better to fight in groups. Try to seek help from fellow parents upon such issues and report it to respective local authorities. For cases involving orphans its all the more necessary to safeguard them. Their security is our responsibility. Our idea of individualism may not bear fruit everywhere, only as a society we could make more impact to get this world a better place for our children.

This content has been checked & validated by Doctors and Experts of the parentune Expert panel. Our panel consists of Neonatologist, Gynecologist, Peadiatrician, Nutritionist, Child Counselor, Education & Learning Expert, Physiotherapist, Learning disability Expert and Developmental Pead.

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| Aug 17, 2018

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| Sep 22, 2018


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| Dec 10, 2019

My 8 yr old daughter taken from my house in Bangalore when I am not in town and taken to Gulbarga since 2018 March. People who have taken her is a 35 yr old lawyer, his father, another lawyer, who have kept them in their house dogs and preventing her to meet me nor allowing to meet her. My daughter has been kept in his room by lawyer's son for weeks and with out my permission, he has taken my daughter from my place. My daughter told me about some things and asked me to take her out of that compound way back in 2018 June itself. However since the house was locked from outside and dogs kept I could not bring her back to Bangalore. Lawyer, his son, abusing my daughter, as well as threatening me. I reported these matters in June 2018 itself in both Bangalore, Gulbarga as well. When I went to visit my daughter in Feb 2019, my daughter told that she was kept in dark room, locked etc and asked me to bring a car and take her. I took car in 2019 April and tried to bring her back to Bangalore. However the people who have taken her and subjecting her to wrong things did not allow that. My daughter asked me to take her back to Bangalore, at least back to the hotel in Gulbarga or at least out of that compound for a walk. However those self-claimed lawyers with their clients did not allow my daughter to come out of the compound. These folks do not know the basics of child rights, parental rights. I stayed in Gulbarga for 10 days and tried to rescue her. It did not happen. Till now I have not heard back from my daughter, when I tried to visit them some vehicles, their clients intercepted and prevented me from visiting my daughter. I worked in USA for 10+ yrs, came to India and got married in India in 2010, my daughter born in 2011. I definitely care for my daughter,I do not know where is my daughter, how she is etc. This lack of communication regarding my daughter, her status is wrong and the people who have taken her, and done this will pay a terrible price in the due course of time. I will not keep quiet nor I do not fear anyone. Let them understand this. I will do everything I can to rescue her, bring her back to my house. If any one finds my daughter in a difficult state, please contact me and help bring her back to me in Bangalore. if anybody wants to provide help to me in these matters please let me know

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