Introduce The Habit Of Letter Writing In Your Teen

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Introduce The Habit Of Letter Writing In Your Teen
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Remember those summer holidays spent writing letters to your friends? Those two months were filled with blue inland letters posted back and forth, full of interesting tales and plans to meet soon. And then there were letters written to announce births, weddings, promotions, illnesses and deaths.

Written words full of intention, meaning and a hundred emotions. Is the art of letter writing dying a slow death? Even as I type this my hand glides over the keyboard with an ease that I can’t expect any longer with a pen. Hand writing letters is not just about putting pen to paper. Read on to find out why you should introduce this practice to your teen.

Benefits Of A Hand Written Letter

Hand writing a letter is more than just conveying a message. It has an immense impact on your cognitive and emotional wellbeing. So why not pass on these benefits to your child, especially your teen who is going through a huge developmental change in body and mind. Here are some of the benefits of writing a handwritten letter that will stay with your teen forever and always.

  1. Cognitive impact: When hand writing a letter, the entire mind is focused on the single purpose. There is clarity of thought and a need for undivided attention. Multitasking while hand writing a letter is not possible in the way it is with writing an email. What this also means is that you pay full attention to articulating your thoughts to the recipient
  2. Make memories: Writing a letter to a loved one will make for some wonderful memories. Imagine your grandmother receiving your letter and then days later, when she is thinking of you, she fondly re-reads the letter
  3. Unleash creativity: Writing a letter makes you creative and express thoughts differently form the way you would do it in an email

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How You Can Inculcate The Letter Writing Habit In Your Child?

Taking to pen and paper has all these various benefits that you read above. So, how can you get your teenager to adopt this mode of expression? Here are some ideas to help you introduce letter writing to your teen.

  1. Start a tradition: When writing a letter is made a tradition, it won’t seem like a task. Have your teen write to cousins or relatives he is close to, perhaps for a birthday. Teenagers usually are more skeptical about opening up to parents, but may be more comfortable sharing thoughts with a likeminded cousin or friend. The recipient will be pleasantly surprised, too!
  2. Writing workshops: There are writing workshops that focus specifically on letter writing. And letter writing makes one a better writer, too. If your child is interested in attending a workshop, find one in your city that helps him use his creativity to the maximum
  3. Introduce books on letters: There are beautifully written novels that are written in the form of letters and journals. Have your child read some of these to truly understand and appreciate the power of letters. Some examples are “Absolutely Normal Chaos” by Sharon Creech, and “Love, Rosie” by Cecilia Ahern
  4. Make it fun: Go the distance – buy pretty stationery, a good pen, postage stamps, envelopes and the works. Have a writing hour when you and your child can write letters to someone you wish to
  5. Aspirational letters: Have your teen write a letter (just as an activity, not necessarily send!) to a personality she admires a lot. It could be an achiever who has inspired her in any specific field, asking questions about her own journey, and talking about her own dreams

Letter writing has given way to emails, texts, tweets, and what not. Technology has its many advantages, and benefits. However, with a handwritten letter, there is a traditional charm that is rarely achieved with an email. So the next time your teen is thinking of emailing his grandfather, ask him to use that lovely handmade paper, instead.

Did you find this blog on introducing letter writing to your teen, useful? Do you hand write letters? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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| Jan 23, 2018

writing letter gives a personal touch and makes it special for the for whom it's written .quite an interesting read.. thanks for sharing!!

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| Feb 09, 2019

amazing ideas to revive the dying art of letter writing. feels almost nostalgic to remember how cherished it was to receive one and enriching was the experience of penning the same. very well documented. Thanks n regards

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| Apr 09, 2021

Many children do not understand the value of writing letters and handwriting. It develops the brain, attention, imagination. I am an experienced writer and I know what I am talking about. I work on the service where I do various reviews of writing services such as Essayshark for example. I evaluate all the parameters to make it convenient for people to choose a quality service. After all, it doesn't matter if you wrote your essay yourself or a letter or if someone else did it for you, rewriting it by hand, you can do a very useful workout for your brain.

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| May 14, 2021

That is really important! Thank you for this content!

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