Life after baby: Riddhi shares how things change!

Ridhi Doomra
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Life after baby Riddhi shares how things change

A mother shares a trending shift in motherhood. Till past two decades the motherhood was considered as a priority for women. However, our proparent blogger Ridhi Doomra shares an interesting trend emerging in metros specially where the women are defying what was normal earlier and embracing motherhood in their prime. She talks about things like • Changing trends of motherhood • Career clock vs biological clock • Defying age and getting pregnant • Young mom vs. Old mom. So read on...

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Radhika Sathish

| Jun 26, 2017

This is quite an interesting topic. I feel motherhood should purely be a decision. A decision about when you want to enjoy & go through the greatest event that happens in ur body and ur life. It is a phase, and it's ur right to choose when to do it. Age really doesn't matter. A clear mental status is what is most important. It's finally a question of how smoothly and peacefully u want to handle it.

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