What Are Some Lifestyle Choices That Affect The Fetus?

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Updated on Jun 16, 2019

What Are Some Lifestyle Choices That Affect The Fetus

Pregnancy has it's own dos and don'ts. As a mom you consciously make healthy lifestyle choices, to gift good health to your baby. In line with that, You would perhaps know the impact of alcohol consumption and smoking on the physical and cognitive development of an unborn baby. It is no surprise, then, that pregnant women refuse even a glass of wine. While you avoid alcohol and cigarettes, have you checked up on the common everyday habits and their impact on you during pregnancy? These things, too, can affect the development of the fetus, and it helps if you are aware of them. We have curated them especially for your watch. Check 5 Lifestyle Choices That Affects Fetal Growth

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| Jul 01, 2019

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