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Hone Your Little Chef's Skills

Kshitij Yadav
7 to 11 years

Created by Kshitij Yadav
Updated on May 23, 2022

Hone Your Little Chefs Skills
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When you let your child to enter the kitchen to prepare healthy meals together you actually help them learn the significance about eating right. Cooking is one of the vital skills that helps your children leaning about nutrition and food safety. Want to arouse your child's interest in healthy food? The teaching them how to cook safely with the following steps would be the right choice that you’d make. So, read on!

Ways To Improve Your Kid’s Chefs’ Skills:

  • Telling them to wash hands in warm water with soap before and after preparing meal
  • Make a bun of the hair of your children back if they have long hair
  • Keep kitchen clean
  • Let your kids know to wait until the food is completely cooked before tasting
  • Tell them to avoid dipping over and over or putting spoons back into food after tasting the dish
  • Always remember cooks your child’s age need supervision

Teach The Three Simple Steps:

  1. Wash hands, surfaces and kitchen utensils
  2. Always keep raw meat & poultry separate from food that is being cooked
  3. Cook the food at proper temperatures

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Young children love giving a hand with home chores; however they still need an adult supervision since their motor skills haven’t developed yet. Mentor these young aspirants the significance of washing and using clean appliances or utensils. Wash fruits and vegetables in the sink with cool tap water.

A Few Tips For Little Chefs:

  • Always clean table tops
  • Mix ingredients like easy-to-mix batters
  • Paint the oil with a pastry brush that should be cleaned before applying on bread, asparagus or other foods
  • Slice cookies with shapes of their own choice cookie cutters
  • Watch out for fingers while engage in cutting activities such as chopping vegetables etc.

Most kids of 6 to 7 years of age have already developed their motor skills, now they can handle more detailed work. However, they will still need food safety supervision. There is a broad range of skills in the age group of 8-9 years old kids, so customize your tasks to each individual's maturity level. Tell them the significance of mopping down all surfaces and perishables, like eggs and milk. Also tell them to put leftovers in deep bowls and refrigerate in approximately 2 hours.

Tell them to always use a clean cutting board for ready-to-eat foods. And do not forget to ask them to wash hands with warm water with soap of course, after pounding raw chicken. Check the temperature of meat with a food thermometer – it's like a science experiment. Children of around 10 -12 years of age can work independently in the kitchen, but should still have adult supervision. Before letting these kids do grown-up tasks on their own, assess whether they can follow basic kitchen rules such as tucking pan handles, unplugging electrical appliances, using knives and safely using the oven or microwave.

To hone cooking skills and preparing new recipes will be a piece of cake for kids all they have to do is Including reading every step to follow a recipe in order and measuring ingredients accurately and voila your kids are now master chefs too.

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| May 20, 2018

amazing tips to hone cooking skills of kids !

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