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2 Things I Look For While Choosing Organic Foods

Ambili S Kartha
1 to 3 years

Created by Ambili S Kartha
Updated on Dec 31, 2019

2 Things I Look For While Choosing Organic Foods
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I have never compromised on quality when it comes to choosing things for my child and have always tried to do my best, especially when it comes to food. I look out for artificial substances, preservatives, and added flavours. Most packaged products are produced in contact with toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, food additives and other chemicals. This is why I have always preferred organic foods for my toddler from the time my baby started weaning from my feed. I am sharing some of my experiences and findings for your reading here.

How To find an organic food product

1. Read the label for Ingredients

Look out for the ingredients section while buying your products. It is important to ensure that food item is free of artificial flavours and harmful preservatives.   

2. Look for the “Certified Organic” label

Every food that reads Organic may not be organic after all. You must be able to differentiate between the so-called Organic and “Certified Organic” foods. You should look for the certification seal. "India Organic" and "Jaivik Bharat" are the unified logos for organic foods in India. These logos are given only to foods that qualify the strict guidelines set by the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP).

Know that, not all the food labelled "organic foods" available in the market are NPOP certified.  NPOP has a strictly defined set of rules that ensure organic food is produced as nature intended, without synthetic inputs or processes. The NPOP has clearly defined the various parameters in terms of harvesting plans, soil and livestock, which must comply with standards to be ‘Certified Organic’. The majority of the Baby foods available in the market have 70% to 80% organic ingredients. You will find that they are labelled as "made with organic ingredients". Foods with  “Certified Organic” logos are made with ingredients that are over 95% organic.

What else is unique about “Certified Organic” foods

Organic Certified ingredients are sourced via organic farming. Conventional farming relies on artificial substances to supply nutrients to the soil or to protect plants from pests. But organic farming methods and practices are different. Organic farmers use plant extract like Pongamia / Lagundi as natural means of keeping pests away. The usage of natural compost and manure keeps the soil alive with organic matter like khaad, roots, leaves, insects and earthworms. This process unlocks minerals and nutrients in the soil to make everything grow as Nature has always intended. There are absolutely no shortcuts and it takes a minimum of 3 years to convert an ordinary farm to a ‘Certified Organic’ farm.

Why I switched to Nestle CEREGROW Organic Selection?

Ceregrow Organic Selection is an organic cereal with milk for your little one (2 – 5-year old).
It is:

• Made with 100% Organic Ragi, Organic Wheat and Organic Rice
• Made with 100% Organic Milk
• India’s 1st ‘Certified Organic’ Ceregrow

After haven’t learnt about the benefits of Organic Foods, I searched through aisles of products I came across Ceregrow Organic Selection. I also checked with fellow mom friends for product reviews and they recommended it highly. It comes from the reputed house of Nestlé thereby making it even more trustworthy. It has nourishment of multigrain cereal, the goodness of milk, fruits. I am relieved to know that this is free of any preservatives.

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