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How To Make Your Child Help You In Daily Chores At Home?

Urvashi Shah
3 to 7 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Feb 27, 2022

How To Make Your Child Help You In Daily Chores At Home
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Once your child begins going to school, he/she is capable of doing a lot of tasks around the house all alone. This is when you would like to have your child involved in a few of the tasks, thus, also having you get a helping hand.

So take the burden off your shoulders by a bit and to have your child instil the value of responsibility and trust, you can have your child help you out in some of the daily household chores.

Why you must involve your child in daily household chores?
  1. Your child gets to learn some new skills right in the house. These are the skills that school do not teach and hence you can be a tutor to your child and teach him/her all the important yet simple tasks which he/she can do alone.
  2. Giving your child a specific task to do in the house will make him/her responsible. This will enable them to be responsible in the future.
  3. If your child gets aware of the number of things to be done in a house, he/she will slowly start learning how less mess can be created since it can get really tiring cleaning them up. At the end of the day, your child will start being more responsible.
  4. Accomplishing tasks given to a child makes him/her feel a sense of pride of achieving something that comes from the look of his/her parents. If your child manages to complete the given task on time and successfully, you will want to reward him/her which will encourage him/her to do well the next time.
  5. Your child can soon learn to become self reliant once he/she gets the confidence of being able to complete the particular task alone.
  6. Team work is also one skill your child will learn since all the members of the house are involved in some or the other chores. Your child will learn how to work in a team to achieve better and quick results.
  7. Involving your child in the household chores doesn’t mean you need to get them do the task all alone. Let them give you a helping hand so that you get the time to catch up with and have a little fun of your own.
Kinds of tasks you can involve your child in-
  1. Tidying the bedroom: Let us begin from your child’s bedroom. You can teach your child how he/she can tidy up the bedroom once out of the bed in morning by folding the blanket, making the bed sheet neat and arranging the pillows neatly.
  2. Setting the table: Whether it is time for lunch or dinner, have your child give you a helping hand where he/she can arrange the plates on the table and serve food to the elders. This simple task will be easier on your child’s little shoulders and also fun for him/her.
  3. Clearing up the toys: If your child has the tendency to play with toys and make a mess in the room, make him/her pick them up once he/she is done playing. Teach your child to pick up the toys and put them in the right place every time he/she is done playing. This will instil a sense of responsibility in your child and he/she will tend to create a less mess the next time.
  4. Laundry: No, no, don’t worry as I am not telling you to ask your child to wash the clothes. You can teach your child to fold the clothes and keep them in the right place once they are dried after washing. This simple task will enable your child to become more organized in life and also enable him/her to look after their things with care.,/li>

These are a few tasks that your child can willingly give you a helping hand in which will not only lighten your burden but also teach your child a few chores that he/she can do all by himself/herself in no time.

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| Feb 07, 2018

yup the earlier they learn to take care of their belongings, organize things and help in chores, the better it is. as once they get used to getting their work done by parents or help at home , they would no longer take responsibility.. quite a useful blog..

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| Feb 15, 2020

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