Make your holi colours at home

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Updated on Mar 05, 2015

Make your holi colours at home
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Don’t let the fear of chemicals in holi colours spoil the festival fun. We get you some easy ideas on how to make safe holi colours at home.
Red: Boil red hibiscus flowers till the water reduces to half. Dilute with cold water to increase volume. You can also use the peels of pomegranate may be boiled in water to give a nice red colour.
Purple: Soak some finely sliced beetroots early in the morning in a large vessel of water to get loads of deep pink / purple to play with.
Yellow: Marigold or genda is a flower commonly found on all flower vendors. Soak these in water and you will have a pretty bright yellow color to play with. You can also use Tesu ke phool aka palash. For instant colour, just use turmeric diluted in water.
Green: Soak spinach leaves in water to get green staining water. Grind some coriander in a food processor and mix with water. Or just make a thin liquid of henna for some green and later orangey-fun.
Multi-colour: Keep food colours in all possible shades handy to quickly dilute, make your own shades.
Instant colours: As a last resort, if you have run out of colours, pull your children’s finger painting colours. They are meant to be skin safe and come off easily too. Dilute and use.
With these colours you don’t have to worry about skin allergies or any other health issues. They are safe and wash off easily too.
Wishing all our proparents a very happy holi.


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| Mar 11, 2015

already tried green one :)

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