How to manage your child’s exposure to screens

3 to 7 years

Updated on Nov 18, 2020

How to manage your childs exposure to screens
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Technology is known to be man’s true aid even in stiffest of situations, a trainer, an entertainer and more. So much are we obsessed with it that we have ceased thinking and doing anything without the ease maker. This is a common situation in today’s modern age be it education, medical domain, industry, connecting distant places, and their likes. Our children, our future are no aliens to it, they are also affected.

In our endeavour to make their work easy, we parents have confined them to laziness and a host of ailments. So, if we want good health and our future to prosper, we got to have a technology detox so that we can manage our child’s exposure to screens. It is possible after all it is our brains that brought technology into our lives. All we need to do is bring about a change in schedule. Get prepared to go offline with technology and connect with natural delight along with your little ones.

How To Manage The Exposure To Screens – The Detoxification

It's simple. Cut off yourself and refrain your 3-7 year olds from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers to minimize stress and instead go for social interactions in the physical world. Plan an outing to connect with nature, enjoy this essence of life, meet friends and relatives. Happiness will spring surprises.

Why Do We Need It?

Before drawing the lines, let’s know what we are missing and why we need them.

  1. Time out for yourself: Frustration creeps in when you are unable to live happiness. Your daily routine takes a toll. A change in it with a small sacrifice can work wonders for you. Switch off social media apps to buy yourself a walk, reading a giggling novel or enjoying something similar. You’ll love celebrating the missing
  2. Improving attention: With technology at our disposal, distraction is supposed to be immense. One hand may be on email and the other might be scrolling on Facebook, other apps in search of something new. This has led in reduction of attention level. Again our smartphones have to be the perpetrators. Switch off the connectors for a few hours and train your brain, focusing on something more meaningful
  3. Changing one habit at a time: Implementing too many things at a time will get you nowhere. Try bringing one change at a time. See that your smartphone does not feature on the dining table or in the bedroom. A tough detachment but to be yourself, you owe it. Stick to the change for a week to gain confidence and then move to another. You’ll begin to have better control
  4. Better sleep: Your eyes need to come to terms before going to sleep. Switch off your gadgets atleast two hours before this long awaited beginning of your sweet dreams because your bedroom is for sleeping not a theatre
  5. Giving attention: I am not speaking of others. Your sweet little family needs your special attention to experience delight and overcome stress. So, don’t give into the temptation of your gadgets, place them aside for a few hours to be with your tree of happiness
  6. To stay productive: Even a machine needs rest after a certain period of time to be efficient again then why don’t we cut ourselves from extra obsessive gadgets to be at our best again. Try, we all love to be productive and be termed as best

How To Enjoy Without Technology?

With Internet and social media serving us loads of entertainment, enjoying without technology might sound absurd. Still it is possible. Simple new incorporations will do a world of good.

  1. Playing a musical instrument: You can join a musical class to learn to play a musical instrument that can please you or bring the old one out of oblivion, which has been gathering dust. Try creating a tune or play the melody of yesteryears. It will gift you an amazing experience, a treat for your ears
  2. Do something adventurous: Go for trekking with your family or whip something healthy to show your love and affection to them
  3. A fun dance: You need not be like Michael Jackson to enjoy the party. Going footloose with your lil ones with a step here or there will spread a smile and technology will take the back seat
  4. A field game: Children enjoy the company of their parents as friends. Fill the void by enjoying a field game like football and give them every opportunity to score. They’ll love winning and you’ll love being defeated
  5. Discovering new hobbies: We have devoted a lot of time to technology - our digital devices, sparing quality time for enjoying a new hobby or bringing to life an old one that can be a reason of delight for your family. Trying doing yoga, drawing or gardening
  6. Talk in person: This process creates oneness, better understanding and further strengthens a beautiful relation
  7. Card tricks: Play some card tricks for your lil ones and their surprising smiles will win your heart. A thing you were missing due to your technological addiction
  8. Family photoshoot: You need not be a photographer to get the best pictures out of your family. Your crazy clicks will also garner smiles from them

The shoot is ready and the picture is clear. Go on a date with happiness along with your family, minus technology.

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| Nov 28, 2017

Completely agree with u on this 'A tough detachment but to be yourself, you owe it.  ' Power packed 8 suggestions which would definitely come in handy in digital detox.. thanks for sharing!!

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| Nov 29, 2017

In agreement with your views but only partially.. Its great to be involved with physical activity but right after you reach home and throw yourself on the sofa to relax, hands automatically go on to switch on the mobile to read news, check n reply messages and to check parentune app(the one that we are sharing our voices on and connecting as parents) .. same happens with kids too... i have uninstalled FB from my phone but that doesnt mean I intend to disconnect myself completely else I would stop parentune too! My mantra for regulating screen time is by allowing the usage of phone but strictly adhering to the time limits- just 2 sessions of 20 mins each for my kid.

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| Nov 30, 2017

bhut achcha blog h thank you so much I will try

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| Dec 06, 2017

Very nice

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| Oct 04, 2021

Even a machine needs rest after a certain period of time to be efficient again then why don’t we cut ourselves from extra obsessive gadgets to be at our best again. - Stone Veneer

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| Oct 04, 2021

Implementing too many things at a time will get you nowhere. Try bringing one change at a time. -

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