Milk for my baby. Comfort for me.

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Milk for my baby Comfort for me

I was introduced to the concept of breast pumps when my sister/best friend/colleague gave birth. Hers was a complicated C-section, due to which she was unable to move for a few days. That’s when I saw her use a breast pump to express her milk, ensuring that her baby was not deprived of the right nutrition.

I didn’t think too much about it after that, because it was hardly a point of discussion for me. Ironically, it became the highlight of my life when I became a mother.


And no, I didn’t have quite as many problems as my friend. Confused? Read on…


Now being a modern girl, I started my research well in advance, when I was expecting. Pretty soon, I knew just about everything a new mom needs to know, from which diaper brand to buy to what are the best playschools in my locality. But I did slip up when it came to breast pumps. I mean, why, right?


Well, I realized why, not too soon after that. I still remember the feeling when my baby boy (Vivaan, 3-years-old now) was given to me for his very first drop of colostrum. And the milk just wouldn’t come out! My gynecologist had to use a breast pump for the ignition to ooze out milk. At that moment, it was nothing short of magic for me.

And that feeling of magic did not pass with time. Later, as I progressed along my motherhood journey, I began to realize just how amazing this device was. It gave me the kind of freedom I hadn’t thought possible post childbirth.


Want to know how?


I could go places


Yes, I strictly followed the tradition of being under house arrest for the first 40 days with my new-born. But what after that? I had to step out of my house for endless reasons – buying diapers for Vivaan, going to get grocery, giving stuff for dry cleaning, and the list can go on and on. As a new mom, I had millions of tasks at hand, which demanded my presence outside the house. And while doing all of these, I couldn’t always carry my child along with me. This is when the breast pump came in handy! It helped me store milk for my boy whenever I stepped outside. I was literally going places without having to worry about Vivaan’s feed.


Freedom to wear what you like

I am pretty sure many moms will agree with me on this one. While breastfeeding, new moms often get restricted to wearing clothes of their choice. Forget about jumpsuits or one-piece dresses; without a zip - going to any dinner party was a nightmare. I still remember, it was my cousin's wedding and I chose to wear a heavily embroidered lehenga. Guess what came in as a saviour? Of course, breast pumps! I had pre-collected the milk for my son. His father fed him while I flaunted my favourite attire.


Flexibility to breastfeed anywhere

Once I had to breastfeed my baby, sitting outside a public waiting area. Although I was only concerned about my son, I was quite hesitant too. That incident inspired me to be ready with a bottle of pumped milk whenever I planned to visit such places.


Travelling was no more a fear

My parents’ home is very far from where I live now. And the best way to get there is by a train. When I travelled all the way to see my folks for the first time with Vivaan, I kept expressed milk handy. I used to store milk up to his two feeds for my convenience in the train. It was easy-peasy!


It assisted me during exams

My angel was just 2 months old when I decided to opt for a professional course. Sincere thanks to my mother who helped me survive those hectic days. She helped feed Vivaan even when he got totally cranky in my absence. And no, I did not resort to formula milk. We stuck to my breast milk, and the ever faithful breast pump was there to help out. So, pumping, storing and feeding later was the routine we followed religiously.


It made me feel comfortable

Lastly, it isn’t the best feeling in the world with your breasts bulky or swollen with milk. And the child isn’t ready to feed whenever you want. That’s when I looked to the breast pump to relieve my breasts of excess milk. I used to feel so fresh and relaxed after expressing, and the happiness and comfort reflected on my face. People would talk about my “glow” all the time.


In conclusion, I would only like to say that while I was aware of the benefits of breast milk for children, I had no idea of the sense of liberation a breast pump could bestow on me. That’s my point in a nutshell, to all new or expecting moms. Remember, your life does not have to pause after your baby’s birth. As moms, we give everything to our children. But there is no reason to think we have to suffer for it. Today, moms can aspire to have the best of both worlds. A breast pump is just one of the steps to help us bridge the gap.


So go ahead, “express” your love!


Disclaimer: Philips AVENT supports 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding for babies.

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| Jan 31, 2018

Thanks for sharing this.

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| Jan 31, 2018

I wonder if I was known to this before.. very useful

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| Jan 17, 2018

for how many hrs. milk can b stored

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| Dec 19, 2017

nicely writtn

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| Dec 19, 2017

Thankyou for sharing such good information. I had my LLB exams after 4 months of my baby getting born

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| Dec 19, 2017

This is a boon for working mums.... good to know its now common in India

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| Dec 18, 2017

amazingly explained . well written with examples which makes it easier for one to relate to it. thanks for sharing benefits of a breast pump.

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