5 Common Mistakes First-time Parents Tend to Make - How to Avoid?

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5 Common Mistakes First time Parents Tend to Make How to Avoid

Motherhood is a great experience and a dream come true for most. However, while learning the ropes of parenting, mistakes are bound to happen. Mistakes new parents make are very common occurrences that should be regarded as a natural progression into parenthood. Being first-time mom & you wanted to do everything perfectly for your baby, there're few mistakes most of the new mommies commits unknowingly! 

What Are Common Mistakes That First Time Mothers Make ?

These are some of the common mistakes a new mother (first-time parents) tend to makes (not all)? So read ( & avoid these) on to know more about these mistakes which most new parents supposed to do unknowingly.

  1. Trying to Do it All–

    As a first time mother you may want to do everything and take care of your child’s need, however, it can be very intimidating as well as tiring trying to manage all of it by yourself. Take the help of others and do allow yourself some physical as well as mental rest. Let your spouse or other family members also help you change the diapers, arrange the baby cupboard or clean up the mess at times. Do not get judgmental or set standards for others to follow but try and work it out together. Trust your family and friends and allow them to share and help the workload. Taking the help of others lessens the burden on a first time mom and helps her remain happier and refreshed
  2. Doubting Yourself–

    Small babies tend to cry a lot and sometimes the reasons may be unfathomable to everyone. Do not let your child’s behaviour create any doubt in your mind regarding your role as a mother. New-parents moms tend to panic more since every little discomfort, sickness or crying spree can make them feel guilty and responsible. It is imperative to understand that you are doing your best since your anxiety and worries will not only make you more edgy but will also not help your child calm down
  3. Comparing Your Baby with Others –

    Every child has different milestones that he or she reaches in due time. Comparing your baby with other babies or expert opinions and charts is not the best way to check if your baby is growing well. Enjoy the moments with your baby and as long as your child is within the range of average development do not fret yourself if your baby rolls over later or starts crawling a few months after your friend’s baby
  4. Being over Cautious and Over-protective–

    Your little angel is the apple of your eye and you will watch her/him at every step. However, you do not need to rush to the hospital every time the baby catches a cold or attend immediately to his/her needs at the very onset of crying. Being protective and caring is one thing, however, over doing it does not help
  5. Take the Naps–

    Sleep when your baby is asleep. This is the ground rule be spoken by all experienced mothers. Of course you will have tons of stuff to do when your baby is asleep, including shoving the extra litter, cleaning the room or even catching up on some movie or TV, however, make sure that you get the rest required before your baby is up


Mistakes made by new parents in first year eventually wade away. However, they do cause stress, emotional upheaval and at times a strenuous relation between the spouses. Mistakes made by first time mommies can be avoided and consciously let go. All you need to do is enjoy the present, have faith and give it your best shot, with help from others and lot of confidence yourself. Best of luck!

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| Mar 29, 2019

by sleeping position can I breastfeed my son

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| Oct 06, 2018

mistake for the 1st time for my son was not breastfeed him properly thinking milk was not enough for him so started top feeds now don't repeated this mistake for my daughter she is on EBF

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| Sep 18, 2018

this info is helping me as well. i dont have time to better sleep. what to do

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| Jul 10, 2018

By sleeping position can I give breastfeed to my son. Is it good for baby

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| Jul 10, 2018

It's really good. I'm going in the same phase. Thanks a lot for such short suggestions.

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| Apr 29, 2018

It's good to help. me alot

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