Mom special: Get the glow: Our skin expert reveals 5 secrets

Dr Deepali Bhardawaj
3 to 7 years

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Mom special Get the glow Our skin expert reveals 5 secrets

As mums get busy with day-to-day routine of caring for their child, the one thing/person she neglects is – her own self! Hence today our skin and hair expert Dr Deepali Bhardwaj shares her 5 secret ingredients that will help mommies stay youthful with a glowing skin. So read on...

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Mitali Bhowmick

| Jul 11, 2017

great tips... very helpful

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Devashree Bhattacharjee

| Jul 01, 2017

very useful for the mom's like us. Thanks a lot. willing for more.

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| Jun 28, 2017

thanks alot I liked it very much... v expect some more for hair and body

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| Jun 28, 2017

Quite informative. Thank you for sharing.

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Navneet Kaur

| Jun 27, 2017

V nice helpful article

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