A Mom's Ode To The Many Moments That Don't Get Captured

Shweta Bhatnagar
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Created by Shweta Bhatnagar
Updated on Feb 25, 2020

A Moms Ode To The Many Moments That Dont Get Captured
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The story behind this picture isn't so much about the moment itself, as much as it is about the many moments that don't get captured, and often storied either.

The days when nothing seems to work your way. The crying is incessant and the headache unrelenting. It's those days when the bathroom isn't used for baths but to lower the noises, for just a tiny bit. When the feeding isn't going right, the mess just keeps mounting up and you wish you could cry too.

To all those days, this picture is my answer. I have it framed and put up in a corner I turn to when I want to hide. Because one moment like this, when your little one says so much without saying a word, fills your cheeks with the only way she knows to show her affection - the good ol' suck - can just be the antidote you need. It says thank you, mom, it says you're doing okay mom, it says I wouldn't have you or anything around us and about us any different mom, the mess can sometimes be worth a laugh mom.

Aarya, the tiny one in this picture, is 6 months old and is my angel baby. Most days she is the definition of chill and I am ever so grateful for that. But no child is beyond making their mama go crazy every once in a while! I am so glad my photographer friend Russell was home for dinner thankfully with his camera to capture this moment for me. One I will cherish for a lifetime.

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