Monsoon Skin Care Tips For Teenagers

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Updated on Jul 14, 2022

Monsoon Skin Care Tips For Teenagers

With changing seasons it becomes very important to look after your skin and its well-being. With the onset of the monsoon season even the humidity levels can skyrocket, and that can be very harsh for your skin. But don’t worry because we have come up with easy-to-follow skincare tips that will keep your skin healthy and glowing even during the monsoon season.

Easy To Follow Monsoon Skin Care Tips for Teenagers

  1. Wash Your Face Regularly- This is one of the essential tips when it comes to the skin care routine for teenagers. This practice will remove all the unwanted dirt and oil from your face. Moreover, it will also make your skin fresh and glowing. It is during the monsoon season, that the pores can get clogged and make way for acne. So make sure that you wash your face twice a day. 

  2. Don’t Skip the Sunscreen- No matter what season it is, make sure that you never skip your sunscreen. The sun rays can damage your skin. So, make sure you apply a good layer of SPF on your face and all over your skin so that you are well-protected against the sun’s harmful rays. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to invest in a gel-based sunscreen as it will get absorbed into your skin quickly and will not even leave any white cast. 

  3. Use Light-Weight Moisturiser- Just like sunscreen, even a good moisturizer is the prerequisite of a healthy and happy skin especially during the monsoon season. As you know that the skin tends to get oily during the monsoon months, it is advisable that rather than going for a thick moisturizer, go for a light-weight moisturizer that should feel like a feather on your skin. You can also opt for a gel-based moisturizer. Such creams and moisturizers will not feel heavy on your skin and will not even clog your pores. 

  4. Go for Weekly Exfoliation- Another effective way to keep your skin clean and healthy during the monsoon season is by doing a weekly exfoliation. Exfoliation will remove all the unwanted dirt and will also help in unclogging the pores. It will also help in the growth of new cells and skin thereby giving you a glowing look. Some of the best exfoliators that you can try are coffee, sugar, baking soda, oatmeal, and papaya. If you are planning to go for the exfoliation for the first time, then make sure that you include all these natural ingredients to your skin care routine.

  5. Drink Plenty of water- Another vital tip to follow as a part of your skin care routine is to drink plenty of water. The rule is simple because water will keep your skin well hydrated and glowing. You can kick start your day with a glass of water and make this a regular part of your daily routine. In case you want to experiment, you can also add a few slices of lemon, cucumber, or grapefruit and have that water. This will also help in the detoxification process. 

Wrapping Up

These are the top 5 tips that can create a huge difference in your skin. All you need to do is to be consistent and have patience to see the results of your skin care routine. Therefore, it is important to eat a well balanced diet which should contain fruits and vegetables and make sure that you opt for a healthier lifestyle. 

Have a Happy and Glowing Skin!

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