Monsoon Special Herbs to Keep Your Family Upbeat through the Rainy Season

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Updated on Jul 31, 2017

Monsoon Special Herbs to Keep Your Family Upbeat through the Rainy Season

Ah! The pitter patter comes with cravings... right? Cravings to rejoice, cravings to eat, cravings to sit at home with a cuppa and enjoy family time! Children swap screen time with healthy play time (with ease) - with unbridled enthusiam they rush outdoors; the clouds and greens beckoning them. And hey, its not just them! We too feel that spurt of romance inside us and it feels right to indulge and break free. Never mind the routine! Let's plan an impromptu breakfast of pakoras and jalebis (yummmm!)...right? 

We say, go for it - have a no-holds-barred monsoon. At the same time, be sure to prevent the uninvited guests of the season (cold and cough, malaria, dengue, stomach infection, diarrhoea, fever, typhoid and pneumonia - top the list) to enter your home.

Parentune Tip: Make friends with "Herbs" that we will be talking about in out 7-part blog series and keep your family disease-free!

Starting tommorrow (Aug 1), Huda Shaikh, clinical nutritionist will reveal to you the "uses and benefits" of ONE HERB DAILY. 

Don't miss out! Tune in tomorrow. 

Enjoy the bounty of the season and keep your family upbeat through the rains with these monsoon/rainy season precautionary checklist

Happy Monsoons!

Take care,


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| Jul 31, 2017

Interesting.. will be looking forward.

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| Jul 31, 2017

this is good... look forward, which herbs will be there

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