Morning Rituals When You Are Pregnant

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Morning Rituals When You Are Pregnant
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Pregnancy brings in lots of changes to your body but it is a good idea to not get overwhelmed by them. Stay calm and focus on what's more important at this time. Besides, a healthy diet and good rest, your mind must also be at peace during this crucial time – a good way to ensure that you stay healthy through the pregnancy and then deliver a healthy baby too.

So, how does the day start for a woman who's pregnant? Almost like it does for everyone else, the only difference being that some feel a little queasy as soon as they are up. Here are some morning rituals most suited for pregnant women. It's a good idea to follow them as some of them can be quite useful when your baby comes in.

Morning Rituals When You Are Pregnant

Here are some of the rituals that will help you stay calm through the day and let you breeze through your pregnancy.

  1. Try Being an Early Bird: This one was a little difficult for me, but with a little prodding from friends, I almost succeeded. And it proved quite useful after my son arrived and I had to be up on my toes at around 5 in the morning. Getting up early also gives you time to relax and calm yourself to brace the day better, especially if you are working. You can spend extra minutes planning your day, spend more time on your morning drink and have some "me" time too
  2. Breathe: Ok, I bumped into this one while browsing on best practices for pregnancy and found it quite useful. As soon as you get up, sit quiet for a while, breathe consciously and surround yourself with positive thoughts. Put your hand on your stomach, talk gently to your baby and pass on those vibrations. If this doesn't work, try to meditate for at least 15 minutes. You'll feel bright and cheerful the whole day
  3. Exercise: If you are not enveloped by morning sickness at this hour, it is a good idea to get some exercise. Exercise keeps you fit throughout pregnancy and makes way for a smooth and easy delivery. Remember to consult a specialist and your doctor before you try out any exercise. Because during pregnancy, some exercises are particularly useful while others might be risky. Watch out!
  4. Read: Reading is a good way to keep you occupied and keep your mind from wandering. Pregnant women often tend to get anxious about the baby, delivery, post-delivery situations and so on. To keep your mind away from useless thoughts, read good books. That way you can also keep away from people who fill your mind with negativity
  5. Watch a Good Movie/Listen to Some Soothing Music: Sometimes, it is a good idea to watch a good movie or listen to some calming chants/music. Now-a-days, there are specific songs and chants curated specially for pregnant women. These also help to keep your mind off the uneasiness that you may sometimes experience in the morning
  6. Take a Walk/Stroll: Walking is a good exercise, especially during pregnancy. A morning walk can keep you fresh to face the day. Walking is a good option particularly on days when you are not able to exercise or do yoga
  7. Keep Yourself Hydrated: During pregnancy what is more important is to keep yourself hydrated. Most women are quite careful about their diet and exercise, but often ignore to drink enough water. Particularly during the first few months, even drinking water can make you puke. At times like this, it is a good idea to keep water bottle by your side at all times and keep taking frequent sips, at all times in the day right from morning

Some Experiences Are Common Through Each Pregnancy

Just like two children can never be alike, so too, pregnancy symptoms vary among women. I remember my mornings were breezy but by evening I could feel the exhaustion. But there are some experiences that are common across all.

Every woman during pregnancy has to exercise extreme caution in what she does during those nine months. Everything we eat, what we think, what we do—each has an impact on the fetus. So it becomes all the more important to think twice before you take any step. It is a good idea to start your day fresh, with healthy habits so that you can divert your mind off unnecessary thoughts and fears.

If you are working during pregnancy it is great because your mind is kept alert and you get enough exercise. But those who stay at home must make a conscious effort to keep their minds calm and get enough exercise to ensure a smooth delivery. You can tweak the morning rituals as per your needs and tastes, but don't forget to make them part of your regular regime. Stay healthy, stay calm and enjoy your pregnancy!

Did you find the blog on morning rituals during pregnancy useful? What was/is your morning routine during pregnancy? Share your views and feedback with us in the comments section below.

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