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Must See Places for Children in North India

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Created by Payal
Updated on Mar 08, 2013

Must See Places for Children in North India

The winters are drawing to a close and maybe you are thinking about how to best use the rest of this pleasant coldness in the air. This may be the best time to go around the city and do some touristy things with your children or go out on a trip around the country.I do believe travelling with children can be one of the most rewarding and fun experiences for both parents and children. While it provides a much needed break to all involved, it also gives parents the golden opportunity to teach children about many things like history, geography, botany, zoology, physics and most importantly “Life”.

Today and across my next 3 blogs, I will be listing some of the must visit places for your children which you should complete before they grow up. Then they can visit these places as adults and get a complete different perspective along with that sense of reminiscence and nostalgia. To make it easier, since India is just too big to fit into one blog alone, I will divide my blogs according to regions- North (with a special emphasis on the city of Delhi), West ( emphasis on Mumbai), East (emphasis on Kolkata) and South on Bangalore and Chennai. Here I start with North India and Delhi.

5 things to do in North India


place 13

1. Take in the beauty of Taj Mahal. Why they will thank you: The sight of this monument leaves memories of a lifetime.
Age group: All ages




place 11

2. Take a camel safari in Rajasthan.
Why: For the great adventure.
Age: From age 6 (the drastic change of the temperature in the day might be tough on the children below 6 years of age)



 place 8

3. Watch religion take its course at Golden temple, Amritsar.
Why: Serene atmosphere, lovely architecture and our culture, what’s not to like.
Age: All ages ( Since everyone who enters the temple has to walk bare foot , be prepared to carry your little ones as they may get tired of standing in the lines to get inside the main shrine)

 place 10

4. Go tiger shooting, with your camera, in Jim Corbett National Park in the Nainital district of Uttrakhand.
Why: A great place and great weather to get close to nature, tiger or no tiger. Great place to catch other wildlife and bird watching. Look out for elephants as they are majestic .
Age: All ages, but the early morning safaris would probably not be good for a baby. For that your child needs to be at least 4 years old.

 place 7

5. Set them free in Kingdom of Dreams
Why: This new Gurgaon attraction has entertainment, culture, arts, crafts and food. Don’t miss the culture gali and the Bollywood show.
Age: All ages (for the show a child needs to be over 5 years of age)


Also, if you are living in Delhi or visiting Delhi this season, here are some must- dos with your child.

10 things to do in Delhi

Ages: Most of this you can do at all ages, but for museums, a level of understanding will be required, hence you can take them as and when they start appreciating a day out of fun.


place 6
1. Marvel at the size and architecture of Qutab Minar.





place 12

2. Dolls Museum: Take a look at the largest collection of costume dolls from all over the world at the International.





place 9

3. Visit the National Museum to take in the various artifacts and archeological wonders.





place 3
4. Watch time go by, literally at Jantar Mantar. Children will love the observatory and sundial.





place 5
5. Relive great battles at Lal Quila.






place 4
6. Play in the 10 acre children’s park at India Gate. While visiting the historical site, indulge your children with the parks games, library, fountains and amphitheatre.




place 2
7. Indulge your taste buds at Dilli Haat. Children will love the colourful place and with so much food around, they will never go hungry. Be careful about hygiene though. Buy dolls and ghaghras for children at great bargains.




place 15
8. Give in to your inner scientist at National Science center, at their 7 galleries.







place 1
9. Train enthusiasts will love the National Rail Museum. Make sure to take the toy train ride.





place 14
10. Go flower gazing at the Mughal Gardens which is also known as “Gods own heaven”.




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| Jul 03, 2014

nice places in delhi

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| Jun 01, 2014

Also, theugjal garden is open only in feb n march I think. Chk online before you plan to go

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| Mar 16, 2013

Thanks a lot to everyone. I do hope this is helpful and will lead to a lifetime of memories for the whole family! And yes, Indu, the Zoo was definitely on the list, but space crunch, you see! :)

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| Mar 14, 2013

Another great one Payal. North India has a beauty of its own. Great list!

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| Mar 13, 2013

thanks for sharing the information it is really fantastic information

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| Mar 12, 2013

thanks for sharing such a good information with us

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| Mar 12, 2013

Lotus temple and World of Wonder Amusement Park in Noida is also very enjoyable for kids of all ages.

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| Mar 12, 2013

loved the places that u listed ! this blog is really helpful !

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| Mar 11, 2013

Good one.

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| Mar 10, 2013

Lovely, we have taken kids to Rail Museum and Qutub Minar.. amazing experience, kids had a blast, a whole lot of fun which cost us no more than Rs. 200

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| Mar 10, 2013

Great blog ... we can add Delhi's zoo too in the list .. kids enjoy a lot there :)

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| Mar 10, 2013

loved it absolutely. This is really helpful.

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