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Must See Places for Children in South India

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Updated on Apr 03, 2013

Must See Places for Children in South India
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In the third part of the Must see Places Series, I travel south, with its two metro cities, Chennai and Bangalore, apart from Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Coimbatore and its teeming options when it comes to travelling. With its proximity to the Andaman Islands and its rich natural richness, historical past and modern advanced society of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. This region has the rare good fortune of being surrounded by three water bodies- the Bay of Bengal in the east, Indian Ocean on the south and Arabian Sea in the west.

It has the ghats along both coasts namely the lower eastern ghats and the very picturesque western ghats, the coffee plantations of lovely Coorg, the temple towns of Madurai, Udupi to name a few, the palaces of Mysore and the magnificent heritage of Cochin. However, here I am noting down some of the things children will especially enjoy, apart from concentrating on the cities of Chennai and Bangalore.

5 things to do in the south


1. Walk the same roads our ancestors did at Hampi, Karnataka, a world heritage site.
Why they will love it: An adventure of sorts, it will show them how our ancestors lived, a real life history lesson.
Age: Any, but children who have studies history in school will particularly associate with it.


2. Live with natives while taking in the beauty of the Andaman islands
Why they will love it: Another adventure, islands are always children’s favorites.
Age: All ages

Why they will love it: Another adventure, islands are always children’s favorites.
Age: All ages


3. Visit the French quarter of Pondicherry to get a colonial taste. Live in a heritage hotel for a historic feel.
Why they will love it: Great feel, great food, beaches and architecture to marvel at.
Age: All ages



4. Take a boat down Kerala backwaters, make sure to go exploring in the small boats. Take ample of mosquito repellent an enjoy the fresh river fish.

Why they will love it: Adventure, natural beauty and a peaceful break from studies.
Age: All ages




5. Watch a film being made in Ramoji Film City
Why they will love it: Children love movies and it would be a great experience for them to see one being made. This is an entertainment park too.
Age: One can go at all ages but to understand what is happening probably they need to be 5 years old or more.

10 things to do in Chennai


1. Give in to the bookworm in you at The Anna Library. It has a large children’s section which caters to all ages. They also have a play area attached. If you get hungry they even have a small café downstairs. Parents can even browse the other sections which are contained in 4 other floors.

2. Watch the deer roam free at the Children’s Park. Not too many animals here, this is a place where children can climb trees, get slip slide rides at the huge slide and watch the hyena lounging.



3. Have a day out at the Beaches on the cooler months (Nov- Feb) or in the evenings. Take your swim gear. You are not allowed to swim as it is dangerous but you can build sand castles and take a dip in the sea. Marina is more crowded, Elliots is better with lots of great food options lined along the beach.






4. Catch a show in Kalaakshetra which has dance and music performances on a regular basis.



5. Watch various cultures represented at the Dakshina Chitra, which is much like an open air museum of our various ways of living in the country. Nothing can better explain the different ways of living in our country.





6. Watch the beasts at Crocodile Park, which also houses a snake park. Seeing so many crocodiles of all shapes and sizes in one place is unforgettable. They also take volunteers from youngsters to adults.




7. Take the day off at Vandalur Zoo. It is a huge place so you can take the buggy one way and walk back. It is one of the better kept zoos. If everyone can cycle, cycles may be the best option to go around.




8. Gawk at the lovely rock cut temples at Mahabalipuram. Don’t limit your visit to the shore temple. Visit all the others just to marvel at the rock carvings. Visit the caves. Lots of great restaurants around but sea food enthusiasts can try Moonraker. You can surf on the beaches or just lounge on the beach or the rocks.



9. Climb to Fort St George for amazing views of the city.





10. Have fun at MGM Dizzee World. You can spend the day at the various rides, sit on the beach and have nice street style food at the stalls.



10 things to do in Bangalore


1. Have fun at Wonderla, where you can spend the whole day taking turns in rides and having the time of your lives.





2. Catch a children’s play at Rangashankara- the shows start at 7.30 pm sharp and the lower age limit for plays is 5 years. In everything else, the age limit is 8 years. Tickets can be bought from Rs 50 to Rs 250.



3. See working machines in Vishveshwaraya Museum- great for children with a scientific bent of mind and for everyone else, go there to check out trains, planes and all working models of machines.



4. Let loose at Lal Bagh, children can run around in gay abandon, as well as educate themselves on the flora. There is a lovely greenhouse which is a nice change from the pollution on the streets.




5. Watch the fluttering butterflies all around you in Butterfly Park, near Banerghatta. The butterfly museum is also a fun and educative visit.




6. Go for a Safari at Banergatta Zoo, watching the lions and tigers and even bears. It is a welcome change from other zoos and though it is not a wildlife safari, still it gives the impression of being out in the wild, something the children will be thrilled at.



7. For the airplane enthusiasts, HAL Aerospace Museum, is a great place to visit.




8. Take a bullock cart ride at Our Native Village, in Hessarghatta. If you want your children to have a taste of the village life, this is the place to go. You can even stay overnight for a relaxed visit.



9. Take a boat out at Ulsoor Lake, the pristine lungs of the city. Boating here is a wonderful experience in the temperate weather.




10. Catch a performance at the Bangalore Habba, where cultural minded parents can be happiest. There is everything on offer from dance, music and art.




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| Apr 04, 2013

We were planning to go to Sough India but since I have never been there , we were clueless about which would be the right places to take our child so she does not feel bored.. thank you for the timely compilation.

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| May 29, 2014

If you are planning to visit Kerala and it's backwaters, then do think about visiting Lakshadweep islands as well... Amazing beaches... blue-green lagoons where one can walk till a kilometer distance in sea water and watch the amazing corals... snorkeling... scuba diving, ride on boats with transparent bottom displaying amazing aquatic life... other water sports activities available as well! A cruise between multiple islands is also available. A great place for kids as well as us parents for sure!!

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