My child is invited for a late night party. What do I do as a Parent?

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My child is invited for a late night party What do I do as a Parent

If one sets out to define a teenager, it will be quite a task but primarily the age between late teens to mid twenties signifies a time in a child’s life where defiance, experimentation, finding ones own self and free expression play a very important part and this is turn can define a basic essence of a Teenager. There comes a time in every parents life when their child is ready to go out in the world unsupervised and it can be a harrowing time for any parent. This is a time when the real test of the character of the child happens and if proper steps are not taken, it may lead to disastrous results.

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| May 24, 2015

Great blog Bhavana. The tips are quite practical. My children have also reached the stage and I shall encounter the problem very soon. Will always keep ur wonderful suggestions in mind. Thank u for such a great write-up.

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| Dec 30, 2013

Good tips ....

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| Sep 30, 2013

Great one

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| Dec 04, 2012

I am soon going to face this situation, the tips will come handy. Great post!

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| Oct 11, 2012

Gud tips parenttune very important msg to all the parents.

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| Oct 05, 2012

very crisp and concise!!

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Amanda Brown

| Oct 04, 2012

i am going to take a print for my neighbor.... she was just yesterday worried about the same issue..... thanks for the insights , parentune

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| Oct 04, 2012

A great Blog, i must say ... the tips given here actually work .....

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