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“My child loves these baked recipes!”

Priya Mankotia
3 to 7 years

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My child loves these baked recipes

Your child is 5 years-old and creates lots of fuss over the food during mealtimes. And you are constantly worried about her food habits – “Is she eating enough? Is he eating right?” As a mother, you can never give up – no matter the tantrums and the chase. In fact, you try everything and anything under the sun to get another morsel inside her tummy. What could be better if your child loves the food that’s served to her! Our proparent blogger, Priya Mankotia, shares some tried and tested baked recipes that are sure to make your child yearn for more.

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Kanika Khandelwal

| Jul 20, 2017

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Parul Gupta

| Dec 22, 2016

really nice recipes

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Geetanjali Sancheti

| Dec 10, 2016

jnggioojj. huh turn on my

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Priya Mankotia

| Nov 04, 2016

Hi, thank you for reading.. you can use a flat Kadak (wok) to bake . It should be flat, spread little oil, place the items as mentioned and cover it with proper lid. In 5 mins you will have to chk

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Sowmya Balaji

| Nov 03, 2016

Hi.. we dont have oven at home so what's the replacement for the same?

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