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My Daughter, My Love

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Updated on Mar 08, 2021

My Daughter My Love
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I am in love with her. Vibrant, loving and playful are the words that come to my mind when I think of my daughter. She gives me new hope and something to look forward to everyday. Her being around me is like a fresh lease of life. In many ways she complements me. She gives me a high.

Be it a weekday, or a weekend, there are numerous ways we spend our times together. Even though just 8 years old, she takes on the role of a true friend and a companion when needed.

With her life is fun and exciting. I learn from her loving ways, as much as I teach her. Her love for me makes my world positive.

Contributed by Deepa


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| Mar 14, 2016

Quite touching.

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| Mar 07, 2017

i m proud to having a baby girl ven i concive 2nd tim i always prayed that plz give me a baby girl and god is given me she is so pretty

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| Mar 08, 2017

I love my daughter.... she is so admiring and I can see myself in the arms of my mother while I was a child through my daughter. I can feel this loveliest moments which my mom felt for me when I was in her hands...

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| Feb 18, 2020

The words for daughter is really true. She is like an angel in her mother's world😘😘

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