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Sunita Agnihotri
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Updated on Oct 30, 2018

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Having a baby changes everything as it brings tons of responsibilities that I enjoy every bit. I always assure the best for my child, the assurance of which, I get from the smile on her face. But lately, I have been worried regarding the rashes that Daivik got from the use of diapers. I then decided to change and so, started exploring diaper brands, but nothing much changed from an experience perspective. Then I, fortunately, came across the New Pampers Premium Care Pants, which assured total support and comfort for my child. I opted for the new Pampers and to my delight, I realised that Pampers lived up to its promise.

My Rating for Pampers - 5 Bright Stars!

Let me now tell you why I think these are the best diapers available today.

Putting on and changing a diaper is a hectic task for every mother, but with the New Pampers Premium Care Pants, my task has become simpler. All I have to do is just put up the diaper on my child like a pant and tear it off from the side while taking them off. It just takes a couple of seconds and it's done.

The New Pampers Premium Care Pants are extremely soft and assure my baby’s skin remains comfortable in the diaper. On the waist too, it’s very comfortable but fits well thanks to that extra smooth waistband. I feel these are by far the softest diapers I have ever tried for my child.

I was worried about diaper rashes in my child and so breathability of diapers was important. Factor. These diapers have something called ‘air channels technology’, which assures a constant flow of air through the diaper, thus, making my baby feel comfortable in the diaper, especially during the long nights. This helps the diaper secure some dryness and also prevents from rashes on my baby’s delicate skin.

Earlier, I used to spend a lot of time to check my child’s diaper, because I had no other option to know if it’s time to change. But Pampers has made my task easy as it comes with a wetness indicator that turns blue from yellow, indicating that it is time for a diaper change. Now I am completely relieved from having to make frequent checks at the diaper as I can easily see the colour in the wetness indicator and decide for the same.

The New Pampers Premium Care Pants comes infused with aloe vera that adds as a protection layer for baby’s skin. It’s been only sometimes that I started using it and my child has been free from any rashes and irritation, I feel mainly because of this additional feature.

The all-around fit with a soft waistband and a special design on either side makes sure my baby can move around freely, without any discomfort. This feature also helps my child sleep with ease since the diaper pant offers a lot of breathing space for the skin and keeps it dry throughout the night.

The New Pampers Premium Care Pants has made me happier, and much less anxious by protecting my baby from all sorts of diaper horrors. Now my child sleeps longer and peacefully well. As a mother who wants nothing but her child’s safety and comfort, I would definitely recommend the New Pampers Premium Care Pants to all the mothers out there. A High five from me for Pampers!

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| Nov 22, 2018

thanks mansi for help. ll check.

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| Nov 22, 2018

hey @Nikita, i bought it about a month ago and it was about 555. not sure of the cost now. search 'pampers premium diaper pants' on amazon.

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| Nov 22, 2018

how much does this diaper pack cost? are these also available for new born babies? pls share info

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| Nov 22, 2018

Very informative. I guess most of new parents struggle with red rashes and all.. Thank you Sunita ji.

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