My fourth pregnancy was finally a success! An inspiring story

Ranjani Sinha

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Updated on Sep 17, 2018

My fourth pregnancy was finally a success An inspiring story
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Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life, however, sometimes it doesn’t end up as it is meant to be and the result is miscarriage – a painful moment for an expecting mommy. Miscarriage is not just a natural end of pregnancy but it is a death of the expecting parents’ dreams and happiness. Miscarriage not only results in physical loss, it also causes an emotional vacuum. It also means extra care for the expecting mommy, as her body gradually recovers and returns to her pre-pregnancy state.

I have had three miscarriages before I carried the fourth pregnancy successfully to term and delivered a beautiful baby girl. Here I am sharing a few tips as advised by my friends and well-meaning relatives that helped me cope with the miscarriages I suffered. I hope they can help you too -

1. Talk about your emotions and feelings: Don’t bottle up your emotions and feelings. Talk about it either to a close friend, family member or to your partner. Don’t shut out anyone especially your near and dear ones as they are worried about your health. They are there to help you and want you to share your feelings and thoughts.

2. It is okay to cry: Yes, it is perfectly okay to cry. Whether you had a miscarriage in the 3rd month or 5th month - for an expecting mommy, the foetus becomes an important part of her life from the moment she conceived it, and to lose that important part is like losing a part of the self. So if you want to cry please go ahead and cry. Let it out and grieve before it destroys you.

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3. Take help from your partner: This is the time when you and your spouse can strengthen your relationship. Remember if you have lost a baby, he too has lost one- and his grief is also equal if not more. Plus, he has to see you suffer emotionally. So reach out to him and let him be your strength. You will be surprised by his sensitivity and his support towards you.

4. Eat healthy and take plenty of rest: A miscarriage happens for certain reasons and suddenly your body has gone from being pregnant to no pregnancy – your body undergoes complex changes, and that’s why you need to eat healthy and take plenty of rest to let your body heal properly.

5. Don’t stop trying for pregnancy: Give yourself ample time to heal emotionally and physically before you think of another pregnancy. Also, unless your doctor advises you against it there is no harm in trying however do consult your doctor for the same. And hopefully you will be blessed with a beautiful child like I was...

With these few things in my mind, I was able to finally conceive and complete my fourth pregnancy to the full term, and hopefully you will also be able to do so too...

Did you find Ranjani’s blog on coping with unsuccessful pregnancy useful? Have you ever experienced a miscarriage – what helped you cope? Do leave your comments…. We love hearing from you!

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| Sep 17, 2018

sevior hadech in pregnancy means what

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