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My Sister, My inspiration

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Updated on Nov 01, 2020

My Sister My inspiration
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My sister is my inspiration. Growing up, I always thought a role model is someone who is extraordinary. Someone who is incredibly kind. And someone who is there for people selflessly.

I saw all this and more in my elder sister. Our childhood years are filled with some incredible moments. And some of the nastiest of fights. But whenever she was away, even for a while, I would miss our fights the most.

My sister is someone who I love to argue with as I know she would never judge me. I could share all my secrets with her, knowing that she would never tell on me to anyone. I grew up knowing that if I fall and fail, she would be there to hold me.

I remember when I was to appear for my MBA exams, I had an inter-college dance contest to participate in. My mother said ‘no’, but my sister stood by me. That was a performance which I won and knew that without my sister’s support, I would not have even participated.

Later, to help me catch up with my MBA exams, she toiled with me and helped me with my studies. Today, if I’m a successful corporate executive, I have to thank her.

My sister believed in me all along. She tolerated my impatience. She helped me through my personal journey of self-discovery. She is my mentor, my friend, my inspiration. She is my sister.

Contributed by Sushree

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