This National Tourism Day, Plan The Perfect Babymoon

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This National Tourism Day Plan The Perfect Babymoon
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Remember the honeymoon that you had just a few years ago that made some cherished memories, which you have carried with yourself ever since? Now that the baby is on his/her way, would you not want your next phase of life to be as memorable?

Here is what the tourism industry has been promoting lately for expectant parents who wish to take off before their baby arrives to detoxify themselves. And this vacation is called a babymoon.

What Is Babymoon?

A babymoon is a great time for parents-to-be to unwind and spend some quality time together before they get busy with the months of nighttime feedings, dirty diapers, and crying. It is also a special time to share your anxieties and elation with your partner, away from the daily rigmarole of the routine life.

Things To Consider Before You Set Out On Your Babymoon

Here are a few things you might want to consider before you set out on your babymoon.

  1. The timing: The best time to take a babymoon is between 18 to 24 weeks but that is not sacrosanct. If your doctor is okay with you traveling post this period, go ahead. However, if you are flying you may want to take a doctor's note
  2. Where to take off:That entirely depends on where you want to go, near or far does not really matter. Many people prefer to stay indoors during this time so destinations closer to home are ideal. Also, if you do not want to deal with fatigue or jet lag, closer home is best. But if you are the adventurous sort, go ahead choose a place further away that can help you ease
  3. Travel concerns: Be sure to check with the insurance company to understand the travel insurance rules for pregnant women. Carry a doctor's note if you are traveling by air and also make sure what are the airlines' travel facilities for pregnant women
  4. Personal care: If you are babycationing by the beach, be sure to carry a baby-safe sunscreen and reapply every few hours, even when you are taking a dip in the salty water. Stay under ample shade and keep yourself hydrated. And on the topic of being ‘hydrated', you may have to pay a few too many visits to the loo, so ensure that you take an aisle seat on the airplane, get an easy access to the loo in a restaurant and take frequent stops during the road trips
  5. Babymoon hotel: No. No. Not many hotels will give you a special treatment during this vacation of yours but be sure to keep in mind some things that will make you feel special while you are away. For example, make sure there is a day & night pool that you can swim in whenever you feel a little anxious or you may want to make sure there is a doctor on call, in case you need it. Even better, check if your hotel has spa treatments for pre-natal massage or facials or backrubs. And, to be able to avoid any fatigue, make sure you stay put at the same hotel for the entire duration

Hopefully, you are all set for this babymoon with these few tips. And before you begin another wonderful chapter of your life be sure to make some great memories with your partner and have them prepared for what is in store for them too.

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Happy babymooning!!

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