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Nestle ceregrow (Qki pet baarne or poshan dene me farak hota jai!!

Kajal Sharma
1 to 3 years

Created by Kajal Sharma
Updated on Mar 14, 2022

Hey Moms I recently came across the nestle ceregrow.

The combined goodness of iron, immune-nutrients & the dense nutrition of 16 essential Vitamins & Minerals in every bowl of Ceregrow makes a difference in the growth of your kid.Earlier,

I used to get worried about my son's growth and nutrition intake a lot knowing the fact that he never wants to eat anything.But,now all of my worries have gone away.And that is why I trust Nestle Ceregrow. So why wait to start the journey of growth for your child with a bowl of Ceregrow.


I want the best for my son and now I am rest assured with Ceregrow by my side kyunki main, “pet bharne aur poshan dene mein farak samjhti hoon.” #SahiPoshanseFarakPadtaHai #Nestleceregrow #nestle #parentune #mombassadors #NestleCeregrow #FarakPadtaHai #PooraPoshanPooriTasalli #BowlofAssurance #KidsNutrition, @nestleceregrow unelive


NESTLÉ CEREGROW™ is a toddler cereal with the goodness of milk, assortment of fruits along with benefits of 16 Vitamins & Minerals

Nestle CEREGROW is a nutrient dense cereal for Toddlers with the goodness of multigrains, milk and 5 fruits. Our cereal is especially made for your little one; free from any preservatives or added flavours. Ceregrow is packed with age appropriate 16 vitamins & minerals including Iron, Vitamin A, C, D, Calcium etc. Iron helps in regular cognitive development and Vitamin A, C, and D, and Calcium support growth and development. This nutritious kid's breakfast cereal is ideal for kids from 2 to 5 year old since it offers them dense nutrition for their small tummies

A nutrient dense Nestlé baby Cereal packed with 16 vitamins & minerals assuring nutrition with every bowl for your growing kid.

Source of Iron that supports normal cognitive development.

NESTLÉ CEREGROW™ baby cereal has Vit A, Vit C, Vit D, Calcium & Protein that help in growth & development.

With NESTLÉ CEREGROW™, your child will be looking forward to mealtime, as it is tasty and fun!

NESTLÉ CEREGROW™ is free from preservatives and added flavours.

How to Prepare NESTLÉ CEREGROW™?
Here’s how to prepare a nutritious bowl  of NESTLÉ CEREGROW™ for your child.

Step 1: Boil drinking water for 5 minutes & leave it lukewarm.
Step 2: Pour 130 ml of lukewarm water into a bowl
Step 3: Add 50 gms (6 levelled scoops) of NESTLE CEREGROW to it.
Step 4: Mix the powder well with water

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| Mar 23, 2022

A bowl packed with nutrion and health ☺️

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| Mar 26, 2022

Wow really a good combined goodness of iron, immune nutrients and vitamins. Thanks Nestle for this ceregrow bahut accha banaya hai aapne, ek bhut badi tension khatam kar di, main sabhi moms ko ye hee suggest karungi.

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