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New York International Children's Film Festival

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Updated on Feb 24, 2018

New York International Childrens Film Festival
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Alright! Children once again its time of the year for some international cinema and movie extravaganza with the New York International Film’s festival just round the corner. It’s an opportunity to explore the best of the best world class cinema. The festival welcomes over 25,000 young people, parents, and movie-lovers. It showcases excellent films on animation, live action, documentary and experiential from across the globe.

History of NYICFF

The festival was founded in 1997 to support the creation and dissemination of thoughtful, provocative and intelligent film for children and teens. The festival takes place on all the four weeks of the month of March. It features year round programming and filmmaking camps in New York City, satellite films in Miami, FL and Westchester, NY and a touring program at independent theatres and cultural institutions nationwide.

Jury of the 2018 Festival

The jury of the festival comprises of some of the most renowned and respectable personalities of the industry. They are filmmakers, actors, directors etc. The honoured jury aims at recognizing and supporting few handpicked films for the young audience throughout the globe. The films are innovative, diverse and artistic. Their hallmark is creative excellency. The children’s film festival is an academy qualifying event and the winners of the juried awards are eligible for Academy consideration in the best live action and best animated short film category. This year’s jury names are:
  • Geena Davis
  • Sofia Coppola
  • John Canemaker
  • Mattew Modine
  • Mark Osborne
  • Lynne Mcveigh
  • Hope Davis
  • Madeline Di Nonno
  • Julianna Margulies
  • Richard Pena
  • Rosie Perez
  • Ira Sachs
  • Zoe Saldana
  • Uma Thurman
  • Christine Vachon
  • Gus Van Sant
  • Taika Waititi
  • Jeffrey Wright

Festival Films of 2018

Some of the films getting featured from across the globe this year in the festival are:
  • Albert and Aidan Sykes (USA)
  • Anglerfish (Germany)
  • Animation(According to children) ( Canada)
  • Bango Vassil (Bulagia, Germany)
  • Bat (Germany)
  • Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life (France)
  • The Big Bad Fox and other Tales (France)
  • Big Block Singsong: Duck (Canada)
  • Big Fish and Begonia (China)
  • Bird Karma (USA)
  • A bit lost (France)
  • Black Barbie (Ghana)
  • The Buren(Sweden)
  • Bzzz(Mexico)
  • Cat Days( Germany, Japan)
  • Crab(Germany)
  • Creativity does not recognize walls(Mexico)
  • Crocodile(Germany)

Education at NYCIFF

The festival also covers a complete section on education of young people to better equip and train them to understand and explore the world around them through visual communication. It offers the students the chance to experience thought provoking film programs throughout the school year. The screenings are available for grades K-8 and includes post screening question and answer and discussion guides for teachers. It also covers film camps where young children get the opportunity to learn fimmaking from start to finish. The training partner “The Little Animation Studio” brings hands on animation camps, where children use a variety of techniques from clay animation and pixilation to hand drawn and cut out animation to create their own film. The films that get created in these camps will be screened at the 2019 festival.

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| Feb 24, 2018

quite an interesting read!

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