How To Keep Your Newborn Warm And Comfortable?

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How To Keep Your Newborn Warm And Comfortable
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Your bundle of joy is in your hands and you marvel at how delicate this little human is! And the thoughts that follow are anxiety and fear about keeping him comfortable, warm and safe. After all, he's just entered the world from the security of your womb. In this blog we share some tips on how you can keep your newborn warm and comfortable.

Tips To Keep Your Newborn Warm And Comfortable

As parents, we can't help fretting about whether the baby is too warm, or too cold. Turn on the AC, and soon after we wonder if he's feeling cold. Turn it off and we wonder if he's too warm. Sigh. Worry comes with the job description. However, to make your life a little easier, here are a few tips to keep your newborn warm and comfortable.

  1. Optimal room temperature: Make sure that the room temperature is between 20 and 22° C, not beyond that.
    1. Keep this temperature a constant. This will ensure that your baby is comfortable and sleeps well
    2. The room should be properly ventilated, and in summer you must keep it cool with a fan or air conditioner
    3. If your baby is born in winter, you can use a heater to keep the room warm. Remember to keep the windows closed at all times, and use a humidifier to prevent the air from becoming too dry
  2. A warm crib: If it's too cold, you can preheat the crib with a hot water bottle or electric blanket.
    1. Make sure you remove them before putting your baby in the crib to prevent scalding
    2. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature so you must not leave loose blankets
    3. The best way to keep the baby warm in a crib is by using a swaddle blanket. You can make your own or buy one. This way, your baby is secured and warm throughout the night and will sleep well
  3. Appropriate clothing: This is very crucial because sometimes parents go overboard and cover the baby in layers unmindfully.
    1. Make sure you protect your baby from top to toe, but if it gets too hot, they start feeling uncomfortable
    2. In winters, caps and mittens are a must and preferably long pants and full sleeve shirts
    3. In case you are going out, you can keep a set of extra clothing handy rather than dressing up the baby in several layers without first assessing how warm or cool it is outside
    4. In summer, choose light, comfortable clothes that allow the skin to breathe and air to circulate. Avoid using caps as it may overheat
    5. Touch your baby to see if her hands are cool or warm. If you see her sweating, remove the extra layers. If her hands are cool, she needs to be covered better
    6. While changing clothes, use a non-slip flat surface and make it fast. Front open clothes are easier to change because you don't need to turn your baby over
  4. Bath: A nice massage followed by a warm bath is a must to keep the baby warm.
    1. Make sure you massage the baby at least 15 minutes before bath so that the oil can penetrate the skin and keep her warm
    2. The temperature of the water must be just right, not too hot. Don't let your baby soak too long in water
    3. After the bath, gently pat the baby dry and moisturize her with a good, light moisturizer, rather than a lotion. This ensures that it is absorbed quickly and well
    4. Some doctors suggest that in winters, it is not necessary to give the baby a bath every day because hard water dries the skin. You can simply clean the skin with a clean towel dipped in warm water, and apply moisturizer
    5. Before heading for a bath make sure the room is warm - close the windows and draw the curtains
  5. Quilts and blankets: If you are using quilts and blankets to cover your baby, take care not to cover the nose as it may cause blocking her nose when she's asleep. Always avoid using a hot water bottle in close contact with the baby. Unless, it's too cold, don't cover your baby's head if she is sleeping indoors

Keeping your baby warm is very crucial and is linked with what he wears, his sleeping surface and position, besides the room temperature. Most parents think that irrespective of the season and the weather outside, wrapping up the baby in layers is the only way to keep them warm. That's a myth, just like many others. We hope this blog helped you with some tips on how to keep your newborn baby warm and comfortable.

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| Dec 08, 2017

Very interesting and an informative read! thanks for sharing , I am sure it answers all queries pertaining to doubts of parents regarding their newborn babies and keeping them warm..

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| Jan 13, 2018

thanks for sharing. this is very useful information to every women.

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| Dec 20, 2018


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| Mar 14, 2019

my baby's hands nd legs remain cold only... wt could be reason? nd how I should protect it

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| Nov 23, 2019

What do u do when the baby's temp keeps changing? For example, when he is cool, u cover him, then he gets too hot n you uncover him then he gets cold again?

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| Nov 23, 2019

Thanks for sharing very useful

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| Nov 15, 2020

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| Dec 19, 2020

This blog was very useful to know how to take care of baby during winter season

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