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Noida Nursery Admissions 2019-20: Schools Directed To Follow 1 Km Rule

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Updated on Feb 21, 2019

Noida Nursery Admissions 2019 20 Schools Directed To Follow 1 Km Rule

Are you a parent residing in Delhi and your child hasn’t scored a nursery admission seat in any of the prestigious delhi schools? And now you are looking to seek admission in one of Noida/ NCR Schools. But are you aware of the recent advisory issued by BSA, Noida? The BSA’s (basic Shiksha Adhikari) recent advisory for Noida schools to ensure enrolling of only those students who live within 1 km radius has become a cause of concern for such parents.

Renu Bhatia, a resident of East Delhi and a  mother of a 3-year-old seeking nursery admission in Delhi couldn’t score a seat in any of the Delhi schools. As a result, she started considering the schools in Noida that are in the vicinity. Renu is not alone, there are many parents who approach Noida/ NCR schools for admissions.

New Guidelines for Noida Nursery School Admissions 2019-20

Noida & Greater Noida schools have come under the government’s radar for enrolling students not residing within the 1 km radius of the school campuses. The basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) of the district has said that the government is planning scrutiny to be conducted on schools this academic season. The scrutiny of records will ensure that the schools adhere to this ruling. [Check: Noida & Gr Noida Registration Dates Schedule]


No last-minute Nursery Admission for Students Residing in Delhi

While admissions for this academic session in most of the Noida schools are now over, the process is still on in some of the Greater Noida schools. Some of the schools in Noida have also kept 10% of admission seats aside to make way for last-minutes admissions. And since the admission process is over, these seats will most likely be accommodated now. And that’s why the advisory has been issued again at this time. The education officer has said that Noida schools are only meant for the students residing in the area, and within 1 km school radius to be eligible for admission. The scrutiny of records can be conducted anytime during the middle of the academic session.

How Is It Going to Affect Parents?

The ruling hasn’t been accepted very well by parents. This year, Delhi schools have revised the age criteria for nursery admission, reducing it to three plus with an upper age limit of four years. As a result, many parents started looking at admissions in NCR schools. Some parents also aspire to send their children to some of the premiere world schools in Noida, especially those residing in East Delhi area because of the close proximity to the schools in the NCR region. However, this might not be possible during this academic season.


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