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Nothing Defines ‘Memories’ Like This Perfect Newborn Gift Pack!

Urvashi Shah

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Oct 31, 2018

Nothing Defines Memories Like This Perfect Newborn Gift Pack
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10 little fingers, 10 little toes, 2 small eyes and 1 button nose! And there she was, the apple of my eye, who I met after a wait of 9 long months! Couldn't believe the fact that the past 9 months would just fly away so quick. My little Tia, lovingly called Tiu, finally arrived in my arms, crying for comfort, as the doctor handed her to me. With so much going on, emotions were fleeting moments for me and my husband - rejoiced to have this little bundle of joy in our lives!

But this happiness didn't come easy. Going to the hospital was a hectic task as there were many things to be packed and we couldn’t afford to leave a single item behind. There was so much to pack before we left for the hospital and in that rush, we forgot our camera. The camera was left behind and forgotten until little Tia lay peacefully asleep in my arms. This moment was so dear to us that we wished to capture it before she woke up crying again. What could we do? Well, thanks to the advanced technology, we have mobile phones, which came handy to click pictures. And we got tons of pictures of this joyous occasion. After all, celebration toh banta hai! My husband and I value precious moments of our lives, we love to have memories printed, rather than having them accumulate in the mobile phone gallery. So, we did the next best thing that is; we printed that precious and never returning moment instantly using the perfect gift we got! If you're thinking how let me share our secret here. Let me introduce you to HP Sprocket Photo Printer. We were lucky to have been gifted an HP Sprocket Newborn Gift Pack by our friends visiting us at the Hospital. There were a number of surprising things inside this tiny box. This gift box contained HP Zink Sticky-Backed Photo Paper (20 additional sheets), Baby Memories Journal Book, a String and 10 Wooden Clips. With the HP Zink Sticky-Backed Photo Paper, we printed the loveliest of our moments with our baby within seconds, some of which, we pasted in the Baby Memories Journal Book, while some of them were hung on the string with the help of the wooden clips. Wow, what a delight! We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

This device is a blessing in disguise that came into our lives and helped us take our celebration a notch higher, keep some of our most precious memories for life. Simple to use, all we had to do was download the Sprocket app for free on our mobile phone, snap a moment or select an already shot from the gallery, use frames to edit the image and print it via Bluetooth to make that moment everlasting. Phew! Your work is done. The fun doesn't just stop here. You get to be as crafty with your pictures as you wish.

The gift idea came from none other than new parents Kunal and Soha. Inaaya turned one on 29th September 2018 and HP decided to surprise them by gifting them the HP Sprocket Newborn Gift Pack. This duo couldn’t resist pausing time every time their little Inaaya did something cute. So much like us! With the new HP Sprocket Newborn Gift Pack, Soha and Kunal were unstoppable in capturing their time with their baby and bringing the snaps to life with the help of this gift! Kunal also went a few miles ahead to surprise Soha by creating hundreds of memories of them with their daughter. Looking at the wonderful decorations they made out of their memories has been special. I and my husband are almost halfway there as well now.

I never thought that sharing memories can be so effortless. Sprocket has made it so easy for us to save memories of our little one. Sprocket says - Sometimes it takes only one photograph to bring back a thousand memories. Do check it out in case you also like to capture beautiful memories for life. It’s available in red and black colours. I have personally gifted it to our friends, like we got it as a gift from our friends. It’s nice to gift as a Newborn Gift Pack to new parents and to help them make their memories come alive in just no time. If you are planning to gift something to new parents, HP Sprocket Newborn Gift Pack makes for the perfect one. It has been special for us to know that just a little investment from our side has brightened up so many smiles on the new our friends and first-time parents' faces.

It was fun sharing this personal story with you and would love to know your reactions in the comment section. Do share some of your precious memories as well. I shall be looking forward.

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| Nov 28, 2018

Ashish Yadav is a great place

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| Nov 22, 2018

Perfect gift .I like to have it .

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| Nov 03, 2018

HP Sprocket New Born Gift Pack cost Rs. 7499 only and is a great gift item for new parents.

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| Nov 01, 2018

Great story. Thanks for sharing. How much does the gift pack cost?

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