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Nursery Admission Schedule For 2022-2023- Registration Dates, Age Criteria, Documents etc

Shikha Batra
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Updated on Dec 01, 2021

Nursery Admission Schedule For 2022 2023 Registration Dates Age Criteria Documents etc
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Finally the wait has got over for parents who wish to seek admission for their child in Class Nursery for the academic year 2022-23. The Directorate of Education (DoE) has announced the admission schedule for private schools. The process got delayed due to the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic last year but this year it’s in line with the regular schedule for admissions. Read ahead to find out details about the admission process as per the DoE schedule. [Explore 5 Must-know About Nursery School Admissions]

Important Dates :

Private schools to Upload their criteria for admission on the website- December 14,2021

Application Forms to be made available by schools- December 15,2021

Deadline for Registration-January 7,2022

First list of selected and waitlisted candidates- February 4,2022

Second list of selected candidates- February 21,2022

Subsequent lists, if any- March 15,2022

Admission process ends- March 15,2022

Queries of parents related to admission will be resolved between - February 5 and 12

Admission for economically weaker section/Disadvantaged children/Children with Special Needs will begin once the Admission is complete for general category with 25% of seats to be reserved for such students.

Following are the rules of admission  for Classes Nursery/ Kg and Class I as per the DoE:

The Upper-age limit for Nursery - 4 years

The Upper-age limit for KG- 5 years

The Upper-age limit for Class I- 6years

DoE further announced that parents can request a 30 days relaxation by submitting a manual application to the head of the school. 

List of Documents which will be required for admission:


  • Ration Card/ smart card issued in the name of mother or father having name of their child

  • Domicile certificate of child or his/her parents

  • Voter ID (EPIC) of any parent

  • Electricity bill/MTNL telephone bill/water bill/passport in the name of any of the parents or the child

  • Aadhaar card/UID card issued in the name of any of the parents

Criteria for Admission to Nursery:

Those living within the radius of 0-3 kms will get an advantage under the Neighbourhood/distance criterion. Sibling studying in the same school and/or parents being the alumni of the same school stand a higher chance for admission for their ward. Some schools also give points for single girl child or the first child and others. However, how much point-wise  weightage individual schools give to the above-mentioned points will only be revealed once they will upload the detailed criterion on their website on December 14, 2021.


DoE has further announced that the private schools will have to declare the details of all entry-level classes on the DoE website as well as the notice board which must also include information about the number of seats available for admission. They must also submit the hard copies of the details to the Deputy Director of Education (DDE, district) by December 31 who will then further verify the accuracy as well as the completeness of the number of seats in their district by  comparing the details declared online vis-a-vis the hard copies submitted by the schools. A monitoring cell will also be constituted under the chairmanship of the concerned Deputy Director (district) who will ensure that all the above mentioned key points have been taken care of by each of the private unaided recognised schools in their respective districts.

So Moms and Dads get on your marks and get set to be on a go! Do check out the latest updates for more news on the admission process.


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| Dec 02, 2021

Thank you so much.. you have given us whole detail in one blog. Really Thanks 😊

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| Dec 02, 2021

Really amazing to find all the relevant information in one blog. Thank you for this useful write up. It's a great help to anxious parents who wish to seek admission for their children in Nursery. Thanks again Shikha Batra !

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| Dec 02, 2021

Amazing piece of work! Thanks for sharing it!!

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| Dec 02, 2021

Highly informative! Thanks to you Shikha Batra

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