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Nutritious Benefits Of Sweet Potato For Your Baby

Huda Shaikh
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Updated on Apr 18, 2021

Nutritious Benefits Of Sweet Potato For Your Baby
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While you might have heard a lot about potatoes it is time to talk about its best friend sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are a storehouse of nutrients which makes it
a great option for babies. Once your little one begins to eat you can introduce sweet potatoes in the mashed or puree form. Sweet potatoes have a lovely creamy
texture which babies can adapt to easily. Let’s check why sweet potatoes are great for your little one-

1) Rich in beta carotene and vitamin A-Sweet potatoes are apparently nature’s best source of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene helps your body in the production of Vitamin A.About 100% of the daily Vitamin A required can be fulfilled by Sweet potatoes alone.

2) Prevents and resolves constipation- Usually, once your little one begins to eat there are chances that he/she might feel constipated at times. Since the digestive system of babies takes time to develop sweet potatoes can be one of the best foods to start off with. Sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber which makes it easier for your little one to digest it. All the more there are very few chances of your child going down with constipation.

3) A storehouse of good calories-As a new mom you would want to your little one to gain weight rapidly. Hence adding sweet potato to your little one's diet shall ensure that he/she would gain weight but in a healthy manner.

4) Immunity booster-Want your little one to have a good immune system? Sweet potato can be your child’s best friend then. Sweet potatoes are loaded with Vitamin A which is great for your little one's eyesight and Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that can prevent cold, cough and allergies in infants. All the more it has Vitamin E which is great for skin health and keeps your little ones skin supple and nourished.

5) It can prevent anemia-Apart from Vitamins sweet potatoes are also a great source of Iron a nutrient which is responsible for keeping the haemoglobin levels to optimum. Hence sweet potatoes can prevent anaemia in babies.


  • Once your little one is 6 months you can introduce sweet potatoes in the diet.
  • You can prepare a puree or give it to him/her in a mashed form just make sure there are no lumps.
  • Sweet potatoes can be given twice or thrice in the week.


  • Make sure there are no holes or cuts in the sweet potato while you are buying it.
  • Try and purchase organic sweet potatoes.
  • The skin should be firm and smooth.
  • The sweet potatoes shouldn’t be really soft and must be devoid of any black spots.
  • Select a sweet potato which is dark in colour because darker the shade more antioxidants it has.


  • Sweet potato puree
  • Sweet potato apple puree
  • Sweet potato khichdi
  • Sweet potato soup
  • Sweet potato muffins
  • Sweet potato pancakes

In short sweet potatoes can be given your little one post 6 months and either in the mashed or pureed form. However, you must always check for allergies after it has been introduced to your little one.

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