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Odisha Day : Celebrate With Your Child

Urvashi Shah
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Updated on Apr 01, 2018

Odisha Day Celebrate With Your Child
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Situated on the east coast, along the Bay of Bengal, Odisha is an Indian State, with the capital city Bhubaneshwar. Though its original name was Orissa, it was renamed to Odisha and the language Oriya was renamed to Odia on 9th November 2010 by the Parliament of India. Did you know that the state of Odisha celebrates ‘Odisha Day’ every year? If you didn’t know about this day, read on further to know about the same in detail.

It was on 1st April, 1936, that Orissa was formed and to commemorate the contributions and sacrifices made by the people of the state in those times, Odisha Day, also known as Utkal Divas is celebrated across the state. Odisha Day 2018, is a day to mark the given status of separate linguistic state due to the efforts of Utkala Gaurav Madhusudan Das, Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das, Maharaja Shri Ramachandra Bhanjadeo, Maharaja Shri Krushna Chandra Gajapati, Raja Baikunthanath Dey, Fakir Mohan Senapati, Gangadhar Meher, and Gourishankar Ray. Odisha Day celebrations signifies when the state was divided in to 13 districts and then in to 30 districts.

Here Is A Brief Detail About The Odisha Day Story-

  • Though temporarily conquered by King Ashoka and Maurya, in ancient times, Odisha was the centre of the Kalinga Kingdom. With the gradual decline of the Kalinga Kingdom, many Hindu dynasties came up and built temples at Bhubaneshwar, Konark and Puri. Later in 1958, Afghan invaders passed the state to the Mughal Empire.
  • With the fall of the Mughals, Odisha was divided between the Nawabs of Bengal and the Marathas. In 1803, the British conquered Odisha.
  • In the year 1912, the coastal section was separated from Bengal and made into the province of Bihar and Orissa. On 1st April, 1936, the new province of Odisha was formed after a battle of about 350 years. It was on 9th November, 2010, the Parliament of India renamed Orissa as Odisha and Oriya language as Odia.

You can teach these facts about Odisha Day to your child to enlighten him/her on the same.

Odisha Day celebrations comprise of dance and music being hosted at various venues, depicting the glorious history of the state. The Odissi dance performances are given by famous dance artists. The Prime Minister and other dignitaries pass on their well wishes for the people of Odisha on this significant day.

These are a few things you can teach your child about this special day and celebrate the same with much enthusiasm and vigour.

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useful info ,thanks for sharing.

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Wow! Great. Thanks for sharing.

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