Top 10 Careers for Moms Returning to Work Post Delivery

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Top 10 Careers for Moms Returning to Work Post Delivery
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Despite women making up half of India’s population, they are only about 6% of the total workforce. Out of these, almost half of them take a career break after having a baby. We know that getting back to work after having a baby is a tough choice, especially if the break is a few years longer. Apart from this, biased company mindsets, warped HR policies, long work hours make it even harder for mommies to get back to full-time work post babies delivery. In this blog, I would like to list down career choices that mommies can opt for post having a baby. Working while raising a child can bring out your best multi-tasking skills. So, mommies, get ready to explore your hidden talents, which you can turn into full-time job opportunities. Scroll down to check out a few career opportunities post pregnancy.

Careers Options For Moms Post Pregnancy

So here is a list of top 10 offbeat careers for moms who wants to return to work full time:
  1. Blogging:

    If you have a flair for writing and completely love being on social media platforms, this is the field you must explore even further. Blogging is a vast sphere and offers a wide variety of areas for you to play in. There is entertainment blogging, fashion blogging, family/relationship blogging, travel blogging and many other areas that you may find interest in. Moreover, there are many platforms you can promote your blog through, till you begin to monetize it
  2. Story-telling:

    As unconventional as this may sound, it actually offers a wide variety of opportunities that you can explore. From starting an online library to holding home sessions of story-telling to puppetry - you can make this as interesting as you want. This work is the most loved by children in the age group of 5-10 years who have (mostly) limited reading skills and have their imagination alive. The initial investment would include a few books and a great deal of social media interaction to popularize yourself
  3. DIY Artist:

    Who does not like putting waste lying at home to good use; and, if you can make it easier by giving a step-by-step demo online, it can be a great success. YouTube is your best bet to create a platform where you can showcase your ideas and get maximum hits to start monetizing
  4. Social Skills Enhancement:

    I can hear you saying “really?” Believe me, this is a thing which is rapidly catching on. Now, this is a vast area that would need some very nuanced skills and a great deal of patience for it to flourish. This would mainly take a whole lot of word of mouth to find acceptability. This entails enhancement of skills like writing, calligraphy, table etiquette, social and public speaking.You may have to self-design your course as per the personalized requirement of your client. Starting with younger children and taking it upwards would benefit hugely
  5. Product Designing:

    You may start this as an extension to your DIY projects but eventually expanding them to product designing would benefit you hugely if you align your outcome with an e-commerce site. Designing bags, shoes, notebooks, mobile covers, iPad covers and other accessories are hugely in demand. If you have a flair for designing and a whacky sense of style, you can make this successful
  6. Event Management:

    It may sound like a huge investment but if you start small you can gradually step up. Events like social gatherings, book reading/launches, heritage walks, food walks and the likes can be easily managed. Again, the key is to have a strong network of like-minded people who would be willing to place their trust in you. Understandably, there is a lot of competition presently, so getting hold of a few veterans in the business is a major plus
  7. Pet Grooming:

    If you are a pet lover, this should not take much of motivation for you to start. Initially, you can align yourself with a veterinarian who may be willing to lend you time and space to expand your skills. Brush up your knowledge of pets through some online courses in the field and you are equipped. Gradually, you can improve the services provided and open up a spa, saloon or a grooming center. With people, ready to invest in pet hotels, this alternate career must not face many hurdles
  8. Fitness Training:

    Most women work very hard to get back in shape post having a baby. And like you, they are willing to spend as much time to get back in shape as you are. What better way to help them while helping yourself? If you are a fitness lover, a small course in yoga or Zumba will help you head start. Your social media links can help you get the required clients in your vicinity and you can begin by turning a space in your home into your gym. An investment in a few basic equipment like mats and exercise balls can get you rolling initially
  9. Styling:

    There are a wide variety of international products and techniques available in the market today and not necessarily everyone knows how to put them to good use. Therefore, a stylist is what one can look up to. Hairstyling, design styling and even makeup - are skills people are most interested to learn and practice. While styling requires a natural flair, there are still tools and techniques that can help you learn. To exhibit your skills, you can use Instagram and YouTube, and popularize your work through various social media forums and groups
  10. Baking:

    You may feel it is common enough to find any market but you would be surprised to know how much you can flourish in this area as well. Not just cakes but other baked products and bread are much in demand, always! And as far as cakes are concerned, you can keep enhancing your skills in the areas of macaroons making, sugar arts, icing skills and the works. An initial spend on a decent course will give you the necessary nudge and believe me there is no looking back. To begin with, use your own kitchen and then expand further as the business grows

As much as these offbeat professions look lucrative, they are a lot of hard work too. But with the availability of time flexibility, you can tend to your work and handle your family with equal ease. Now, without much worry, take the lead into your favorite arena and make your mark - because you can!

Have you returned to work post-delivery? If not, are you considering one of these alternate career options? Tell us in the comments section!

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| Jan 03, 2018

hiii really a nice blog,, I am writing since 2008 but still not get any platefrom to monetize it,,, please suggest me what to do,??

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| Jan 03, 2018

amazing suggestions! there are many opportunities if one is really willing to work ..

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| Jan 06, 2018

Great choices of career really useful. I would like to start my counseling sessions specially kids of Teens .Any suggestions and ideas are welcomed.

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| Mar 06, 2018

this is great advise for mothers to choose a career after marriage.. really great job... career options after 12th

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| Aug 30, 2021

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