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Olive Oil Massage Benefits, Precautions for Infants

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Olive Oil Massage Benefits Precautions for Infants
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You would have always heard of baby body massage and its importance for your little bud. Generally, parents across the globe massage their babies routinely to help with their overall well-being and development. There are a variety of oils that you can use for your baby and all of them have their own benefits and effects on a little baby's skin. I have observed that when my infant gets massaged regularly, he shows better signs of development, is happier, sleeps well and has lesser complications in health. The Oil that I vouch for is Olive oil which can be used for your baby's massage almost daily. It has many benefits and I know you are curious, so let's discuss in detail!

What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is oil or fat that is extracted from the fruit of a Mediterranean tree crop, called "olive". The oil is derived by pressing the olives and is further refined into various varieties like pomace, virgin, extra virgin etc. For the purpose of massage, extra virgin olive oil is preferred as it has almost all the nutrients and qualities intact.

Olive oil benefits for baby

8 Benefits Of Olive Oil for Baby Massage

  1. Moisturizes baby skin: Olive oil is a great moisturizer for your baby's soft and supple skin. It further improves the texture for your baby's already so soft skin by making it shiny, soft and healthy. After applying the oil for some days you will notice that your little one's skin becomes shinier, thanks to Olive oil!
  2. Provides nutrients: Olive oil is loaded with loads of vitamins and minerals like Oleic acid, Vitamin E and anti-oxidants that help in maintaining a healthy skin and even texture of your baby's skin. It also helps in maintaining healthy bones and strong muscles for your baby's developing body
  3. Tones skin: With regenerative properties, olive oil becomes a great choice to keep the skin toned and even in appearance. It has a very good impact on the growing tissues of your baby's skin and thus helps in its healthy growth
  4. Works well in all seasons: The best part about Olive oil is that it can be used in all types of weathers be it summers, monsoons or winters. However, the quantity that you should use during each season changes as per the weather conditions. While I use it generously in winters, I would use it mildly in summers or monsoons because olive oil tends to be thick and slightly heavy in texture
  5. Helps with cradle cap: As told by ancestors, olive oil is a great remedy for a common occurrence in babies, the Cradle cap, which is a dandruff-like condition that happens on the baby's scalp and forms a coating of flaky stuff. If massages regularly with olive oil, cradle cap begins to vanish by itself, leaving your baby with a smooth and clear scalp
  6. Prevents body and diaper rash: This is a tried and tested remedy and I totally stand by it. If your baby gets regular olive oil massage on the body and especially in the private regions, you will notice minimal appearance of any rashes. If there are any already present, olive oil will help by treating and further preventing them from come back
  7. Improves hair texture: It has been seen that babies who regularly get massaged on their heads with olive oil tend to have thicker and healthier hair as compared to other oils. This is because olive oil proves beneficial in improving hair growth and strengthening the roots
  8. Useful for premature babies: There is some research that suggests that oil oil in combination with soy oil have the lipid profile resembling breastmilk. The same has been said to be useful for premature babies' weight gain and comabting feeding difficulties


Olive Oil For Baby Constipation

Babies tend to get constipated frequently, and olive oil comes handy in such a case. All you need to do is take some olive oil and warm it a little. Now take some oil in your hands and rub it, leaving some on your finger tips. Next, massage the baby's stomach in a clockwise motion applying very gentle pressure. A few circular motions should help in easing baby constipation. If your baby is on solids, you can use olive oil as a regular oil and it may even help in dealing with constipation in babies


Olive Oil For Diaper Rash

Though largely avoidable, there are times when little babies get painful and sore diaper rashes on their cute little bums. If a diaper rash is bothering your sweet munchkin, you can use an olive oil emulsion to get rid of it. To make it, you need –

  • A table spoon of water and double the amount of virgin olive oil
  • Take this mixture in your palms and mix it gently yet thoroughly
  • Now apply this mixture on your baby's diaper area and in gentle strokes
  • Repeat the process 3-4 times a day.
  • The diaper rash should go away within a couple of days, and if it does not or irritates your baby further, seek your doctor's opinion.


Olive Oil For Baby Cough

When it comes to babies and younger children, medicines are best avoided – and for all the right reasons. If your baby gets cough and you are wondering how to deal with it, look no further. Olive oil can be a excellent remedy to cure your baby's cough without any side-effects. You need-

  • 2 -3 drops each of essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint oil.
  • 4 teaspoons of virgin olive oil
  • Take the mixture in your palms and mix it gently by rubbing
  • Now rub the mixture on your baby's chest and back area- just like we do for older children and adults.
  • Watch the cough go away within a couple of days!
  • This remedy works best when used in the night as it promotes better sleep for the baby as well.


Precautions To Take When Using Olive Oil For Babies

  • Since olive oil is naturally rich in Oleic acid, it has a tendency to make the skin more permeable. This makes the baby's skin sensitive and could impact its natural defense mechanism. Hence, it should not be used if your child is suffering from any skin conditions or dryness.
  • Olive oil, like any other oil, should not be used near the ear, nose or naval region to avoid infections.
  • Always check for skin allergy like redness before applying it all over the body.
  • Consult your doctor before trying it on your baby's new, delicate and sensitive skin.

Baby massage is something very near and dear to all parents. It gives you time to sort of bond with your baby, play and have a joyful time giving a relaxing massage to your baby. Babies in general enjoy massages because they make them relaxed and most would end up sleeping after a good massage session. No matter what oil you use, always make sure it is of the greatest possible quality to ensure your baby gets the best of its benefits. Like other oils, Olive oil too has its pros and cons and should always be used after careful inspection and quality checks for reactions and allergies. Although it usually suits most babies, there is no harm in double checking. After all, that's what we parents are known for, right?

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| Sep 14, 2017

my baby s 3 months old.. after. massaging with olive oil I could see the results s so wonderfully.. she s sleeping well and the constipation problem got vanished

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| Sep 14, 2017

How long we leave the oil on baby"s skin once applied?

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| Sep 18, 2017

Hello.. I am massaging with patanjali massage oil.. is it good ???

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| Sep 24, 2019

humare yaha Jo dai malish ke liya aati h baby ko wo coconuts oil se malish karti h ky unke karne ke bad Mai sham ki Oliva oil se malish kr sakti hu

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| Oct 03, 2019

hi,I became mother recently and my. baby have rash on her private region even i moisturize and clean well from the day first... with petroleum geely and now I am using mustard oil on effected area and it's been more than two weeks ,but I noticed there's no good effect and the area is not heal yet. so tell me what should I do. can I apply olive oil singly on effected area ?

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| Oct 10, 2019

hey which type of olive oil should be used for massging the baby ?

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| Oct 04, 2021

If your baby is on solids, you can use olive oil as a regular oil and it may even help in dealing with constipation in babies. - Fullerton Pro Concrete & Masonry

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