Opening up with your children on sexuality!

Megha Chawla
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Opening up with your children on sexuality

A 15 year old set himself afire after being teased and harassed about his 'gay act'. Here's what I have learned about dealing with a situation like that and how to help our children in becoming more open about gender diversity and respect different choices.

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 16, 2016

Talking about sex and sexuality has not been easy especially for Indian parents, as we as society are closed and consider it taboo to talk about such matters. But the need of time demands that we sit down with our children and start from the basics.

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manisha mehta l

| Jan 19, 2016

Would really be helpful if v could discuss about how to strt d conversation about sex nd make d whole topic a normal talk where d kids r free to question der mind out

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| Jan 07, 2016

Nice one megha, but unfortunately parents don't want to discuss issues like this with their children and a bigger confusion is when to start talking, what age and how. You have tried to sum up nicely but another blog on jut talking sexuality will be great. See if you can throw some light on it

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