How To Hone Your Little Painter's Skills?

Sakshi Bhatnagar
3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 04, 2021

How To Hone Your Little Painters Skills
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You have seen your child's drawings and paintings and you feel that with little guidance, your child can master the finer nuances of the art. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to read how you can help your child in honing his or her painting skills.

Ways To Hone Your Little Painter's Skills

  1. Painting classes: The best way is to enroll them in painting classes. Painting classes bring out the best in them. Proper painting classes' help your child groom better and hone his or her painting skills. He or she can learn different types of paintings and go for the ones of his or her choice
  2. Let them paint and make a mess: Your child is not so much naïve as you think him or her to be and quite well understand the difference between a wall and a canvas. But of course, the thrill of showcasing the talent on walls is quite exhilarating then showing it off on canvas. So indulge your child by giving him or her a corner of wall that is his or her own completely to mess up with
  3. Encourage your child's painting hobby: Encourage your child to create more artwork by praising his or her efforts first. Then point out few shortcomings. It will encourage him or her to do better next time
  4. Art materials make good gifts: Encourage your child's interest by gifting him or her a pack of art materials that includes – colours in different variety from sketch pens to crayons, water colours to oil pastel colours, along with some practicing sheets as well. Your child will love you for it and will be more eager to hone his or her skills as painter
  5. Nature walks–your little artist's best bet: Take your child on a nature's walk for some real time inspiration and then see what your child comes up with. The best way to bond with your child over art and nature
  6. Introduce variety in the art of painting: Encourage your child to try different mediums to paint like vegetables, leaf, hands, toothbrush, shaving brush. This will keep the novelty and the child will also have a better imagination and will develop fine hand and eye coordination

Did you like the blog on how to hone your child's painting skills? What all methods have you used to hone your little painter's skills? Share them with us in the comments section below as we would love to hear from you.

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| Jan 08, 2018

i buy dem ol art materials.... dey njy doing. thanx for d post .... very well written

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| Jan 09, 2018

thanks for the block it's interesting for both mom n child n gave me a right track , how to encourage my baby.... thank you....

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| Jan 10, 2018

my girls love to draw and paint and it's their favorite pastime. these tips would definitely come in handy in honing their skills.

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