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Serve Healthy Palak Pasta Recipe

0 to 1 years

Created by Anurima
Updated on Aug 13, 2020

Serve Healthy Palak Pasta Recipe
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This is a dish discovered by me through trial and error. My family loves it and I have recommended this dish to many people too. It is simple and healthy.

Cooking & preparation time: 15-20 minutes
No. of People Serves: 2 to 4 people

Palak Pasta Recipe Ingredients:

Here is the palak pasta ingredients & preparation method... 

Palak Pasta Recipe Ingredient Quantity
Fresh Spinach 600-800 gms
Pasta (any shape) 400-500 gms
Grated Garlic 2 pods
Salt & pepper As per taste
Butter 2 tbsp

How to Prepare Palak Pasta:
Boil macaroni as per instruction on packet. Usually takes about 10-15 mins to cook. Drain under cold running water. Keep aside.
In the meantime, make puree of spinach with some water. It should have a paste consistency.
Heat oil in a pan, add the grated garlic. Once the raw smells goes, add the spinach puree, salt and pepper to the pan. Cook covered, stirring occasionally until the palak is cooked (till it turns dark green and oil starts floating to the top/sides).
In a serving bowl, put the macaroni, top with palak puree, add butter and mix well. It should have a slightly creamy consistency.

Suggested Variations in Palak Pasta:
Fresh cream may be added for that extra creamy texture.
Chunks of cooked chicken, boiled / scrambled eggs, cooked & fried soya may be added in the end for extra taste.
More butter may be added for extra taste and flavour
Fried and crushed red chilies (chili flakes) or chopped green chilies can be added for that extra spice.
May be also served with garlic bread- Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a pan, add small pieces of garlic in it. Remove after few minutes and discard the garlic. Now spread the butter (with garlic flavour) onto toasted bread slices.
Two or three different shapes of pasta may be used to make the dish more interesting and appetizing to children.

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| Nov 05, 2013

to make puree we should boil the palak or its raw

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| Nov 05, 2013

Dear Monika, you could boil is slightly first and then make a puree. But make sure not to cook it thoroughly :)

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| Nov 13, 2013

hey Anurima, I love this. Kudos to you for reinventing palak into a kidfriendly dish. Will try for sure.. xx

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| Jan 14, 2014

Great way to include spinach in thier diet, a small suggestion it would good if plain flour/maida is avoided rather use wheat pasta available in market, or one can even try making at home...

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| Oct 07, 2019

My child is 8month plzz sugeest healthy food

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| Oct 08, 2019

Mera beta 1 year,3 month ka hai. uska pait bohat kharab rehta hai. aur kuch khata pita bi nahi hai. plz kuch bataye mujay k usko bhook lagaye aur yeh khana pina start kar dai.

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| Oct 14, 2019

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