Parenting woes: Is taking advice from everyone a good idea?

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Parenting woes Is taking advice from everyone a good idea
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In the morning I picked up the newspaper and read an article ‘A detailed guide on parenting.’ Must say it was informative. Later during the day saw a message on Whatsapp captioned ‘What is your parenting style?’ An interesting one indeed! As I was driving for my Zumba class saw an invitation for a parenting workshop. Ufff!! Don't know about my parenting style but one thing was sure that it's a difficult puzzle.

Parenting Styles: Parenting no fun these days

Parenting in today's age is no more fun. There is so much information floating around about the Do’s and Don'ts of parenting that I'm sure every mom gets confused at some point in time and questions herself whether she's right or wrong.

The confusion starts from the day the first baby comes in our life. Elders in the family give one opinion while the paediatrician gives a different opinion. Who to follow is the new mom’s question? In reality everyone is trying to be a perfectionist parent. Some parenting guides say ‘Never say No’ while some say ‘It's ok to say no’ to a child. Poor parents are again in a muddle. This reminds me of my mom who often says that ‘humein pata hi nahi chala ki kab hamare bacche bade ho gaye’ meaning we never realised when our children grew up.  

Feeding practices: How do you feed your baby!

Are you feeding your child with an authority or with love? I remember my childhood days when my mom fed us whatever was cooked for the family minus the tadka or extra spices. And today, there is a whole gamut of baby food being advertised – cereals are good for your baby and toddlers, give them this cereal or that cereal. Phew!!! As if the parents were not confused enough, that this gets added to their woes! But then this is where I am reminded of my mom again, who says, “Humne toh kabhi bhi itni mehnat nai ki  khana khilane mein” meaning we never had to work hard to feed you.

My views, my thoughts

I personally feel if everything was perfect we would never make any mistakes, never learn anything new, and never grow. Life would be so boring... What do you all think? So, enjoy parenthood and do what you think is best for your child.

And always remember the Quote: “You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over’’

Happy Parenting!!!

Did you like Simran’s blog? Have you also been advised about the parenting styles and feeding practices? Do share your views with us in the comments section below, as we would love to hear from you...

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| Jul 25, 2017

I would agree with keeping an open mind , I feel that opinions , advices are important, however it's more about which advice suits your situation, its like for a problem ,there are many solutions , choose the one which solves your issue. If you don't have options , how will you pick and choose whatever suits you best? I also feel this same topic would apply in many areas of life. Studies over , which subjects to choose ?which job to apply for ? which girl/boy to marry ? and the list is endless...

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| Jul 26, 2017


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| Aug 02, 2020

Ggg. V

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| Aug 20, 2020

Our mom's time were different, at that time there were less diseases, and had better quality of air water and food. Also they were more focused on household work and their opinions dint matter most of the time. Times have changed vulnerability has also drastically increase, so we can't stick to what our parents did. Yes finding what's best for your kids is the key here, source doesn't matter.

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