Parenting woes: Is taking advice from everyone a good idea?

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Parenting woes Is taking advice from everyone a good idea

A first time mommy Simran Nirwal shares a hilarious take on overdose of information on parenting, which results in making the first time parents confused and helpless. The first time parents are all the time being bombarded by well meaning advices from the elders that leaves most of the parents confused. The advice ranges from • Parenting styles • Feeding styles Read on to know more...

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divya sethia

| Jul 26, 2017


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Farida Bharmal

| Jul 25, 2017

I would agree with keeping an open mind , I feel that opinions , advices are important, however it's more about which advice suits your situation, its like for a problem ,there are many solutions , choose the one which solves your issue. If you don't have options , how will you pick and choose whatever suits you best? I also feel this same topic would apply in many areas of life. Studies over , which subjects to choose ?which job to apply for ? which girl/boy to marry ? and the list is endless...

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