Parenting Workshop with Nitin Pandey and Tara Sharma

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Parenting Workshop with Nitin Pandey and Tara Sharma
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The Conscious Parenting workshop, organized by, on the 27 September, 2014 at the Jaypee Siddharth, Delhi was a successful event. The attending parents enthusiastically participated in the workshop and sought answers to some of the most important parenting queries while the speakers, Nitin Pandey, parentune founder, and Tara Sharma, celebrity mom, actor and producer patiently heard out each query and spoke at length with the parents. The entire event was divided into two sessions, one with each guest. Some of the highlights of the workshop are:
1) Fun activity: In the first session, Nitin handed over each group of parents, (3 parents to one group) a series of material (straws, twine etc.) and they were then asked to make a structure with it. The purpose of the activity was to analyse the parents operational style and then put it into perspective for them vis-a-vi parenting and how they conduct their daily routine. A team that dived straight into the activity without a plan, lost out on the end result; while another group that shared jobs, was successful. This was then reflected upon, in details, by Nitin who told parents that how when they take a crucial parenting decision without a plan, it can backfire. Where time is of essence, how you utilize that time effectively is also important, was one aspect of the activity. This was crucial to help parents who are always wondering how to maximize time with their children. They were guided on how to plan that limited time with the child to boost the child’s growth and development. As it was a hands on approach, the parents got some amazing clarity to their own parenting styles, the mistakes they make, and how to work on it.
2) Nitin also guided parents on the essential elements that will bolster cognitive development of the child such as the importance of listening to stories. Stories always boost imagination, relativity to the surrounding world, and enhance communication skills of the child. Another way to amp up the development of the child, as per Nitin, is through outdoors where children are exposed to the fine nuance of wonderment and absorb so much more. “Even a balcony garden is a wonderful way to initiate the child. Plant a plant with him. Let him watch it grow. He will not only learn about life, but also about nurturing and taking responsibility of his tasks, “ Nitin elaborated.
3) The open house, Q and A, session was the parents favourites where they asked Nitin a plethora of questions from—what is the right age to send my child to school, how do I guage my child’s development, how to engage children constructively and also how to maximise my time with them? Each question was dealt at length with the parents and some of the nuggets were “If you child can communicate his basic requirements about being hungry, wanting to use the washroom; and is learning things fast, it is probably time to start him on playschool,”; “Sometimes children learn to speak late or, we feel their development is slow, is because we as parents are always ready to help them and do a job for them. For eg: If a child points out to the water filter, even before he says the word water, we give him water to drink. The child will not make an effort to speak the word water then. Similarly, if we are too eager to always help the child, we unwittingly stunt their growth.’
4) The second session with Tara Sharma covered a wide range of topics—from how to balance work and children, how to the best mom to my child, etc. Tara spoke to parents at length about issues around parenting and pregnancy and some of the highlights were, “Do not decide in advance what kind of a parent you want to be. Relax and let the baby come and let things evolve themselves”; “Trust your mother’s instinct on what is apt for the baby as you will obviously be bombarded with advice. Listen to everyone, be polite, but then choose what you want to follow”; “Don’t feel pressurized about issues such as appearance and weight when pregnant. Take care of yourself, eat well, and follow your doctor’s instructions”; “Be consistent with your exercise regimen. It is about doing something daily, than doing something in fits that will eventually pay”, were some pointers mentioned by Tara. She also spoke at length about her show, how she came up with the idea, and how she balances the different aspects of her life.

tara and nitin
A great weekend for all parents!

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