Parents Are Learning Hair Cutting And Cooking Too During Lockdown


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Updated on Jul 18, 2020

Parents Are Learning Hair Cutting And Cooking Too During Lockdown
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Did you learn any new skills during a lockdown? If you have, don’t worry, you are not alone.

Many of my friends I regularly talk to (including me) have, to the very least, thought of pursuing the new skill they have dreamt of a long time ago. Some are pursuing, though, parents around the world are breaking all the boundaries and rules of re-skilling. Some have learned to cook, while others have grown more audacious and have learned to handle the scissors around the head of their child.

By the way, lockdown (or rather Corona Virus) has achieved what organisations and individuals alike strived to achieve for quite some time - a successful work from home strategy.

Before this lockdown finally ends and situation return to normal, many firms would have realised that they probably do not need large fancy offices, expensive training programs and even a decorated cafeteria.

Parents Learning New Skills in Lock-down

In the meanwhile, parents are experiencing lockdown on a different plateau altogether. They seem to be working with three hands - manage house-work, handle office-work and look-after the child, who’s probably anxious and behaving rather clingy due to the fact that s/he doesn’t have any other place to go. Few stories …

Ravi Dubey, who is a senior journalist at News 18 Group, posted a picture of his five-year-old son, Ram. Except this wasn’t an ordinary picture, Ravi had just given a haircut to Ram, saying saloons are closed and he was uncomfortable due to rising temperature. So, Ravi just picked up scissors and gave Ram a haircut to remember.

It would seem Ravi is not alone in his venture. Anand Kumar, who is a lawyer by profession shared a similar event when he gave a haircut to his son Aryan. He says he had to plan it as Aryan was asking for a haircut for a long time, and he did so very carefully.

Hairdressing is Not the Only Trendy Skill

Media advisor by profession, Arunoday Prakash, has been using the time to pursue his passion for cooking and learning new dishes. He has learned to bake cookies, cake, banana oats like recipes so far.

Inspiring & Engaging Your Child

A lot of parents who used to be away from home for extended hours every day are now contributing equally to the house chores as well, thanks to the lockdown. While moms are cooking, dads are taking it up to keep the house tidy. Watching both parents contributing equally at home is quite inspirational for the child. And as parents, you can direct their enthusiasm towards house chores and keep their hyperactive minds engaged.

Do you have one such story to share? Have you learned or learning a new skill? Share in the comments below.

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