How Parents Want The Best For Their Child In Every Situation

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How Parents Want The Best For Their Child In Every Situation
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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at the above picture? A father sharing a warm moment with his children, right? Do you know that this picture is from the warfare of Syria.

In spite of the hateful incidents going on there, this picture perfectly describes the unconditional love of a parent for his/her child irrespective the situation. A tiny scratch on our baby's skin is enough to disturb us. We all are really enjoying parenting with our share of ups and down in India, but it’s not the same in Syria I get heartbroken whenever I see or hear about war there

Parenting during war

Syria is facing doom's day for a very long time now. All the killings over a piece of land? Maybe in the end there will be no one left to rule upon. It's heart-wrenching but true. Innocent people are losing lives every day. Those who have fled I hope will make out something good but those who are still trapped there have no future. What they are going to do?

Psychologists say that wars and violence have life-long and devastating impact on children's mental and physical health which can resonate to coming generations. We as parents should ensure that we keep our child happy, and safe; just like the father in the picture is doing. I am sure he is very well aware of what is going on in his lands, but his child’s happiness is supreme for him. Can you not see pure joy in their eyes? How the girls eyes are sparkling in the sunshine while they have a fun bath. Surreal!

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God cannot be present everywhere, so he made parents. From sharing their last bit of morsel, hiding with them in a safer place, fighting in the army for justice, taking the bullet just to save his child, sending their apple's eye away to be safe, telling them all imaginary stories to divert them from ill thoughts, spending nights trying to calm them, making every possible effort to make their child smile. Parents all over the world make sure to comfort their child just as we do here.

We used to complain to our parents about how they didn’t listen to all our demands; but now when we are in their shoes… it made me realize that it takes everything to make a child happy. We quit being selfish, we keep on worrying about our child's well-being the instance we become parents. And eventually, we got the answer of our question that why cant our parents overlook our wellbeing for some-time?

Parenting itself is such a wonderful phase of life, those who are on this path know it better. Be grateful to God for selecting you to nurture a life. We evolve as a human being while raising kids. Be thankful what you have and try to make this magical journey blissful.

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| Mar 15, 2018

it's heart wrenching to see what people especially children in Syria have to go through.. such lighter moments spent with each other cannot take away their sorrows but definitely can make them forget their pain and agonies for a while and give them the much needed energy to face whats gonna come next..

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| Mar 15, 2018

This is just heart-wrenching! I feel so sad for the little ones in Syria. Such innocent souls going through so much. May God help them all and may God give strength to all parents in Syria.

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