Parentune DIY: Kiki turns her favourite cartoons into puppets!

Sumitra Gopal
3 to 7 years

Created by Sumitra Gopal
Updated on May 06, 2020

Parentune DIY Kiki turns her favourite cartoons into puppets
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My children love to read books. Their favourite books are read and re-read several times over to the extent that they now remember them verbatim. So no wonder that when it’s time to say goodbye, the parting is always full of teary eyes!

That’s when we made a deal - they get to choose their most favourite book, and we make puppets. Sometimes we re-tell the same story and sometimes I encourage them to modify the story. This helps enhance their creativity and imagination. Here’s how we do it:

What you will need

1. Books (with lots of pictures)

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. Colour pens

5. Paper

6. Straws/sticks

7. A heap of imagination

The process

1. Select the central theme of the story. You might have to do this the first few times but gradually, the children pick up and tell you which part of the story is central according to their understanding

2. Cut out the relevant pictures from the book and paste them on a thick paper (I avoid using cardboard because children cannot cut the cardboard on their own). Make cut-outs, but cut along the edges of the image/scenes

3. Stick straws, sticks, wooden skewers, etc behind the scene

4. Voila! Your puppet is ready

My children have a bunk-bed, so we often hang scarves or sheets to create our own little puppet theatre for a mini family performance.

Do you have any other DIY ideas? Please do share them with us in the comments section below, as we would love to hear from you. 

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| May 06, 2017

my girl child does not interested in books so suggest me how to make her interest

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| May 06, 2017

How you made sure that your kids love books?

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| May 07, 2017

iioooyy mm

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| May 08, 2017

I never liked books as a child and regret not reading enough so I guess that was my motivation to steer my children towards books. We started with simple things like- they choose the books they want to read (not always my choice), reading them a story during bed time (sacrosanct), borrowing books from the library- we have a library membership and they love the process of borrowing books. I started with not forcing them to read books instead I read to them and just let them spend sometime with the books- holding, flipping pages and even scribbling. Over a period of time their love for books grew.

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