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Plan An Ideal Baby Shower With These Interesting Ideas

Urvashi Shah

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Jan 02, 2022

Plan An Ideal Baby Shower With These Interesting Ideas
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How excited are you for your baby debut? How excited are you to welcome your little one in to this world for the first time? Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life where she is pampered and given utmost love by all the near and dear ones. You feel happy, excited, scared and even a bit frustrated during your pregnancy due to various hormonal changes to be blamed.

But your wait will finally come to an end in a couple of days or months, so how about celebrating your journey of pregnancy by throwing a baby shower? How to host a baby shower? Sounds interesting right? If you are already scratching your head on how to throw a baby shower then do not worry. 

Tips to Plan Baby Shower Party 

Get wonderful ideas for this little party where you will be showered with love, affection and many, many gifts for you and your little one. Read here..

  1. Plan a theme:

    A party will seem to be a boring one if there’s no theme attached to it. So decide up on a theme that will suit your baby shower and if you wish, you can even have a dressing theme to go with it where your guests can arrive following a dress code that you have decided. Since you do not know the gender of your child, you can either have a princess theme that suits a girl child or a funky Mickey Mouse theme to suit a boy child. A theme will make the baby shower look interesting and guests will have double the fun.
  2. Decorations:

    Do not miss out on the decorations as they serve a great deal to your baby shower. Since you do not know the gender of your baby yet, you can mix up blue and pink colours to create the decorations that can consist of flowers, balloons, table cloth, covers and ribbons for the chairs and so on. It is also best to go with a simple yet elegant all white theme for the baby shower that will work neutral for both the genders. You can even add a piñata in the living room which can be filled with various candies to mark the end of the baby shower.
  3. Brunch is the way to go:

    All your pregnancy will shuffle between morning sickness and doctor’s appointments which can keep you really busy and lazy as well. So have a baby shower planned over a brunch with your friends and relatives who can be invited to a wonderful restaurant or a café that serves brunch. A brunch will also help you avoid cooking a lunch or a dinner all by yourself whilst you are heavily pregnant in the later stages of your pregnancy. Weekend is a preferable day that will make your idea of a brunch seem possible for the other ladies in your group. Party ready meals such as omelettes, pancakes and French toast will treat your hunger pangs while mini cupcakes can be served at the end to ensure your guests cherish the moments of this baby shower with a sweet note. These cup cakes can also be in sync with the gender of the baby, be it blue or red and white or even go neutral with yellow.
  4. Use props:

    To make this baby shower interesting, you can make use of different props that will come handy as you click pictures with your guests. Work on your imagination and add various props to this shower which will totally be in sync with the theme of the baby shower. For a boy you can have a moustache prop while for a girl you can have a prop of sunglasses or even a pretty red bow.
  5. Voting ballet:

    After all the gossips you have in the baby shower with your ladies, here’s an interesting little game that you can play with your guests. You can have a voting ballet box where you can ask your guests to decide whether your child is going to be a girl or a boy. No, you will not be missing out on the fun since you too get to take a part in this game. So take this opportunity to know what everyone thinks who you are carrying in your tummy.
  6. Cake:

    A cake is an integral part of the baby shower so make sure you contact a vendor well in advance and have a customized cake baked. You can have a cake representing the shape of your pregnant belly which will be really cute, a cake shaped in the form of a baby pram or even a cake baked in the shape of a little heart with pink and blue polka dots on it. Have you imagined the cake already? Does it look yummy? Apart from a cake, you can order some mini cupcakes which can be served to your guests throughout the party with some tea or coffee as you ladies have some chit chat going on.
  7. Food and drinks:

    Food and drinks have to be taken care of which will create a lasting impression on your guests. How about a couple of finger foods doing rounds throughout the party? You can keep the finger foods simple so there is less wastage and spillage. To compliment these finger foods, you can serve various dips in vegetable cut outs made from tomatoes or bell peppers that look attractive and tempting at the same time. Make sure you have ample of tissues handy. The drinks can consists of lemonade that can be served in mason jars with attractive straws or how about some strawberry slush to go?
  8. Returning the favours:

    At the end of your baby shower, you can use some baby food jars and fill it with some candies to give to your guests as they proceed for home. This is a simple yet a cute way to thank your guests for attending the baby shower and bringing you some wonderful and thoughtful gifts.


With these tips you can plan an amazing baby shower filled with fun, excitement and a lot of gossips. Do not forget to click enough pictures pouting with your gang and share them on social media or simply cherish them in a scrapbook that your child can have a look in the future with a smile on his/her pretty face.

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