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How To Plan A Perfect Date With Your Husband Post Having A Baby?

Urvashi Shah
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Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Feb 19, 2020

How To Plan A Perfect Date With Your Husband Post Having A Baby
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After having a baby on board, you and your partner will mostly be involved in changing diapers, feeding your child, shopping for your child, busy with work and other household chores. Everything in your lives will only be about your little one which is great! But, hey let’s not forget that you are wife/husband before being a mom/dad.

Having a little one dependent up on you for everything is wonderful and also tiring enough to not be able to make time for each other which might also be frustrating at times. You just need to keep calm and manage ways to get some time for each other every single day in order to make your marriage work wonders once again.

Since you will be spending most of your time with your baby and doing other works all day long, make it a point to take out at least a couple of hours for each other every single day and also plan a date every once a week if possible and decide to stick to it for most of the time if the conditions permit.

Ideas that will help you plan a perfect date with your husband/wife after having a baby.

  1. Make a plan:

    You first need to get some time off to think what the two of you can do together which gets your soul filled. Plan something fun and make sure you two stick to it. This plan need not be exotic as it was before you had a baby. It can be as simple as going out for a coffee or a simple lunch or dinner. If you cannot leave your child with some help for a longer period of time then find a restaurant or a café which is nearby your house so that you can rush home immediately if need be. At the beginning when your child is little, you can keep the dates simple and short.
  2. Take a stroll:

    As I mentioned before, you need not go to a lavish restaurant or a fairyland to have a perfect date with your partner. Since you will be busy with feeding, cleaning and putting your child to nap throughout the day, you can simply take a few minutes off and go for a stroll in the evening after dinner once your baby is off to sleep. You need to worry about your child all the time and use these romantic minutes to keep up with your love life with your partner.
  3. Shower affection:

    You will be too busy showering affection on your baby that you won’t even notice your partner being strived off all your affection. When was the last time the two of you called each other with sweet nicknames or simply left a romantic text message in between the busy schedules? Can’t seem to remember? Well then do it right away. Your dates do not have to be about going out and enjoying but about showing love and affection to each other. So write a love letter or type a lovely message and hit send to your partner which will keep the romance alive.
  4. Give your beloved a day off:

    If you cannot seem to find time to go for a stroll or a movie, just give your partner a day off from the baby duties. You can draw your beloved a warm bubble bath or simply watch him relax watching his favourite sports or series on TV while you can cook a meal for the two of you and enjoy a candle light dinner as your little one goes off to sleep. See, how you can be on a date right under your roof?
  5. Connect each day:

    Yes it can be tough to have some romantic time out of the house, but don’t worry. Once your partner leaves home for work every morning, you can simply leave a small love message on his mobile phone which will put a smile on his face amidst his busy schedule and he will love to revert the same to put a smile on your lovely face too. See, how such a small gesture will make the two of you fall in love all over again? You can even call your husband while he is at work and use these precious little minutes to convey how much you love him and yes you might want to avoid ranting about your baby spitting up and pooping throughout the day. Just keep the conversation romantic which will lighten up your day.
  6. Movie night:

    Since a date doesn’t necessarily have to be happening out of your house, you can even plan one under your roof where the two of you can be in comfort and not having to worry about your little one too. Plan a movie night at home once your baby dozes off and catch up on a romantic, chick-flick, thriller or a horror movie of your choice. You don’t have to worry about looking your best as being in your pyjamas and being comfy and cosy with your partner is all that you will want.

These wonderful date ideas will keep the spark of your romance alive. After the date you can happily get back to your lives where everything revolves around your tiny bundle of joy. With little efforts to put in, rekindle your romance with these simple and lovely tips once you have a baby on board.

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