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What Are the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures?

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Updated on Oct 04, 2019

What Are the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures
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If you want to try and maintain a youthful appearance or there is a part of your body you are not happy with a potential solution would be to consider plastic surgery. When you put yourself in the hands of someone like Carolina Facial Plastics, for instance, you will be offered a range of services from facelifts to skincare and facial laser treatments and these tend to feature as some of the most popular procedures offered by plastic surgeons across the country.


Why Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Here is a look at which plastic surgery procedures are the most widely requested by patients.

#1. A Way to Improve Your Body Shape

Liposuction features amongst the top 10 surgical procedures and it works by suctioning fat from areas of your body that will help you to achieve a slimmer and more shapely profile. There are various types of liposuction available and it is feasible that you will be ready to return to your daily routine in a matter of weeks after having treatment.


#2. Resolving a Sagging Skin Problem Around Your Eyes

Eyelid reshaping is often requested by patients who have too much skin, or it is sagging, causing you to look older and even creating vision issues if the skin is obstructing your eyes. This procedure is known as blepharoplasty and it is often the case that the surgeon might also be able to deal with any puffiness you have underneath your eyes.


#3. Making Your Breasts Larger or A Better Shape

Breast augmentation continues to grow in popularity and this surgical procedure is carried out for a variety of valid reasons. You might want to enhance the size and shape of your breasts or make them asymmetrical.


#4. A Tummy Tuck Can Resolve Several Issues

Although it is often referred to as a tummy tuck the procedure your surgeon will be performing is abdominoplasty. If you have too much skin around your abdomen area after pregnancy or achieving significant weight loss a tummy tuck will remove some of this excess skin.


#5. Give Your Breasts A Lift

Weight loss can result in sagging or misshapen breasts and a breast lift will reposition them and create what is often described as a perkier appearance once this is done.


#6. Men Can Have Breast Issues too

It should be noted that excessive male breast tissue is a common issue and gynecomastia treatment that is carried out regularly.


#7. A Smoother Forehead

As part of the aging process, it is likely that your forehead will develop creases and wrinkles or you could have an issue with this anyway. A forehead lift can help you achieve more of a youthful appearance.


#8. Help Reverse the Aging Process

Another popular procedure is a facelift, which is designed to pull your skin tighter in order to help you look younger. This procedure is referred to as rhytidectomy.


#9. Not Happy with Your Nose?

There are a number of people who feel that their nose is not in proportion with the rest of their face. Commonly referred to as a nose job, rhinoplasty can reduce and reshape the size of your nose.


#10. If You Don’t Like Your Ears?

Otoplasty is ear reshaping and this procedure is offered to patients who want their prominent ears pinned back or to correct a fold. If you want to look your best or correct a problem it is likely that there will be a popular plastic surgery procedure available to resolve the issue.


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