How To Develop Positive Homework Habit Of Your Child?

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How To Develop Positive Homework Habit Of Your Child

Homework is a term every school-going child is familiar with. You as a parent want your child to perceive homework as a constructive part of student life, which will help him or her build strong academic foundation. But before you learn why is it important for your child to build positive homework habit, you need to know what is the value of homework in your child’s life.

What Is The Value Of Homework?

As a student homework is one of the strongest things to build firm academic foundation. It helps children in being in discipline and developing a sense of responsibility. It teaches them to follow directions, follow a schedule, stick to timelines and manage time allocation for long term and short term assignments. Children who form positive and productive healthy homework habits are always able to remain good learners. Besides, it obviously helps them to strengthen their subject areas.

Why Form Homework Habits?

It is important to train children in forming homework habits since these habits do not automatically come to them. Many a times we take study habits for granted thinking children will learn them on their own. But lot of children struggle in skills like time management, effectively studying, memorizing, focussed attention and organizing. Homework is one of the first ways that helps them in getting trained in all this. And with your monitoring and regular supervision your child can gain enough confidence.

What Are The Specific Tips To Follow?

Here are some specific tips that you can follow to ensure that your child builds up a positive homework habit.

  1. Stick to a designated time and place: Create a designated time and place for your child to everyday do his/her homework. Same place and same time creates a discipline in the routine over a period of time. The place that you choose must be well lit and free from distractions of noise of any other child playing around, anyone talking over the call or anything else
  2. Involve your child in creating rules: The need to form healthy and positive homework habits for your child is not just your requirement. Making your child a partner in various things that you as a parent are planning for your child from the start is a good idea. Let them also contribute in creating rules and trying to brainstorm what will work best for him/her with your adult and experienced guidance. It will make him/her more accountable for his/her studies and success in the long run
  3. Be an on-going observer: You must try to observe your child every day. See where he/she is getting stuck, where he/she needs directions, is there anything that is causing him/her distractions? Reach out to the teachers for assistance wherever need be
  4. Positive feedback: Always give positive feedback to your child’s efforts. Remember your child wants to succeed, he/she would certainly not know how to do it best. He/she is trying to make efforts; your positive feedback will further motivate him/her
  5. Don’t do your child’s homework: It is totally fine to help and guide your child but try not to do the homework instead. Let him/her continue making efforts. At the same time let him/her know that it is completely fine and normal to get stuck with ideas, concepts and find it difficult to finish work within a given period of time. It would be great if you could also share your own experiences of student life
  6. Keep provision for breaks: If your child is sitting down to do homework for an hour or more than that, always do keep a provision for breaks. Keep in mind that your child has certain duration of attention span. Ideally, the way it works in school is best i.e. 35-40 minutes for a single period

Did you find the blog on how to develop positive homework habits of your child useful? Do you have any more tips through which you have developed positive homework habits in your child? Share your views and feedback in the comments section below.

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Good one!

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Thank u

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very helpful

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| Jan 11, 2018

Making child accountable for his studies is very essential.. a child who does homework due to the fear of his privileges being taken away or getting scoldings from his teacher or parent would not be honest and would do studies just for the heck of it and might fail to do homework if source of fear is absent... so it should come from within..

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