10 Ways to Potty Train your 2 year old girl - Signs of Readiness & more

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10 Ways to Potty Train your 2 year old girl Signs of Readiness more
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Having a toddler at home is like being on a roller coaster ride every single day. You never know what to expect but at the end of the day, you do agree that this phase is exciting and you don't want to barter it for anything else in the world.

Among the many challenges you face as a parent, potty training comes at the top, probably next in line to feeding. Many mothers have felt that potty training is no easy task. Books and articles are downloaded and read by millions of parents all over the world on potty training. This is proof enough of what a herculean task this could be.

Each child is unique and therefore what applies to one may not apply to the other. However, there are some very basic and simple methods of potty training that have been tested and tried over the years by many moms who have vouched for it. Let's take a look at some of those to get you started.


How To Potty Train Your 2 Year Old Girl ?

You may be surprised to know this but there is a difference in way you potty train baby girl and a boy. Luckily, experts say girls train faster than boys and children with older siblings watch the elder ones and learn faster. For those that are not so lucky here are some ideas, tips to get through with this with minimum fuss.

  1. Demonstrate: As a first step, demonstrate. Children watch their parents and learn. When you use the restroom, take your daughter with you and let her watch. It may sound gross, but believe me it will work wonders
  2. Buy the right equipment: Buy a potty or a potty seat that is comfortable for your girl. It is not a good idea to train her in an adult toilet seat. That may intimidate and make things worse
  3. Let your child choose what she likes: While shopping for a potty seat/potty, take your daughter along. Let her choose the color and style she likes and is comfortable in. Buy pretty training pants first that have flowery patterns in the color your girl loves
  4. Plan interesting activities: Sometimes children get restless if they have to sit for too long in the restroom. To keep them engaged, keep a small basket of interesting toys to distract them
  5. Schedule it: It may sound weird, but scheduling is very important. Fix up a "potty time" so that during that time you can do away with diapers. Slowly, when they get used to it, you can increase "diaper-free" time, first during the day and later at night
  6. Location: Do not insist at the very first time that your daughter should use the restroom. If she is comfortable with a potty in another room or even the hall, let it be that way. Don't be embarrassed. Gradually as she gets trained, you can move it closer to the washroom
  7. Reward them: Every time your daughter uses the toilet, you must encourage her and reward her, maybe by drawing stars in the hand or giving away chocolates or even marking them on a board--literally anything that might interest her. Always be positive and keep the encouragement on. Things may seem difficult to start with, but will gradually ease out
  8. Be ready for accidents: Remember, potty training takes time. Have patience. If your daughter poops even before she reaches the washroom, don't get angry. Make her wear a loose fitting pant that she can take off on her own
  9. Clear instructions: Give simple, clear instructions when it is time for potty. Don't panic and scare your child
  10. Hygiene is vital: Make sure you show your daughter how to wipe after peeing. or pooping. It is quite challenging in the beginning as girls might find it difficult to wipe from the front to the back, but don't worry, they'll get there

What Are The Signs Of Potty Training Readiness in Girls?

There is no unanimity among parents and doctors regarding when is the right time to start potty training among toddlers. While some start early on, by 18 months, others wait until they are 2 and a half when the bladder is more in control and hence easier. Here are some signs to watch out for to know when children are ready to start.

  1. Perhaps, the first and the most important indication is when your child starts feeling irritated with a dirty diaper and wants it off at once. Somehow, the stickiness suddenly becomes a problem
  2. Baby's pee and poop are so unpredictable, but there comes a phase when they stay dry for a longer stretch, up to 2 hours and occasionally wake up from sleep without wetness. This is another sign to watch out for to start the training
  3. Some children exhibit physical signs to express that they want to poop. For instance my daughter used to choose a corner. Some make a grunting sound or can use some words to express it in their native language. That's the time you should get started
  4. Sometimes, children might be curious and watch either/both of the parents using the loo. This might be another indication that they are ready to get trained
  5. If your daughter can understand small instructions, for instance, "keep that box there", it means that they can start getting potty trained as you can slowly explain and make them sit in the potty. Some children express their readiness by undressing themselves when they are ready to use the potty

Potty training girls

Common Potty Training Problems for Girls

There may not be too many problems training girls, except that sometimes they may want to stand and pee just like their fathers or an older brother. It might be a little messy but that will make her realize that she needs to sit. Have patience. Also make sure your daughter learns to wipe completely after she's using the restroom to prevent infection.

All parents pass through this stage and have their own "horror" stories regarding potty training. But everyone gets through it perfectly fine with a bit of tactics and patience. Good luck!

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| Oct 31, 2019

I ve learnt so much so far thanks ,my son is 1yr old I started training him to use a potty he refuses he doesn't want at all what can I do? I just keep on trying

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| Feb 22, 2018

nice article. how about rewarding kids is it right to do so??

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| Oct 22, 2017

vry nice blog actually I hv started giving her training but she does not want to sit either on toilet or seat which we buy from market. what to do in ds case plese let me know some more tactics

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| Oct 17, 2017

thank u so much for dis blog... my daughter has started her potty training as i hav bought a potty chair for her... now she seats n do her potty

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| Oct 09, 2017

Superb Thank you, I was eagerly waiting for this blog. will buy a potty seat soon. very informative.

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| Oct 09, 2017

very useful information will try frm today itself

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| Oct 09, 2017

very informative blog.. thank u so much...

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| Oct 06, 2017

Really it needs lots of patience. I need to recite so many rhymes continuously to make her sit on potty seater. The blog is great help.

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| Oct 05, 2017

it did seem like a herculean task before I read this blog. now it feels lil patience and perseverance is going to pay off. thanks for sharing this blog with handy tips.

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