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3 Power Up Anytime Health Drinks rich in Micro-nutrients

Huda Shaikh
11 to 16 years

Created by Huda Shaikh
Updated on May 20, 2017

3 Power Up Anytime Health Drinks rich in Micro nutrients

“Mama, I’m thirsty…it’s soooo hot” – You know you are going to hear this throughout the summer. So, I recommend you to prep up with some thirst-quenching healthy and yummy drinks this summer. Most of the times, you would end up serving items like nimbu pani, ice cream, squash or even homemade ice golas. But these aren’t the best when it comes to nutrition. A growing child needs essential micronutrients such as Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B6, B12, zinc, iron (etc). They are the building blocks of your child’s mind and body, and play a vital role in building strong immunity.

So why not churn up something that is cooling and nutritious too? Here are some recipe ideas for health drinks. If you keep the ingredients handy, you can prepare these in less than 3 minutes!



·    ½ cup chopped pineapple (keep some for garnishing too)

·    1 mango, chopped

·    1 plum, deseeded

·    1 lemon, squeezed

·    1 apple, chopped

·     1 cup plain curd

·    1 tsp honey

·    2 tbsp Horlicks (classic malt flavour)

·    Few mint leaves to garnish

·    Crushed ice


Ready in 2 steps!

1)  In a blender, churn all the ingredients together except mint leaves.

2)  Once smooth, pour in a tall glass. Add crushed ice, chopped fruits, garnish with 2-3 mint leaves and serve up.



·    ½ ripe mango pulp

·    2 peaches, chopped

·    2 cups plain milk/soymilk/almond milk

·    1 tbsp Horlicks (kesar badaam flavour)

·    ½ cup plain curd

·    Few basil leaves

·    1 tsp oats

·    For garnishing: Few pieces of chopped mango/peach and few basil leaves

·    Crushed ice


Ready in 2 steps!

1)  In a blender, throw in all the ingredients and give it a churn (apart from the garnish).

2)  Pour in a tall glass, add crushed ice, garnish and serve.




·    ½ ripe banana

·    1 cup plain milk/soymilk/almond milk

·    ½ cup plain curd

·    1 tsp chia seeds

·    2 tbsp Horlicks (chocolate delight flavour)

·    ½ tsp honey

·    Mint leaves to garnish

·    Crushed ice


Ready in 2 steps!

1)  In a blender, add all the ingredients except for chia seeds and churn till smooth.

2)  Pour in a tall glass, add crushed ice and sprinkle chia seeds on top. You can also add some chopped banana and fresh mint leaves.


Did you like the recipes shared by clinical nutritionist, Huda Shaikh? Will you make these health food drinks for your child – to get more nutrition in his/her diet? Maybe you are thinking of giving an interesting tweak to these recipes? Do try and share (in the comments section below) with fellow parents…

Disclaimer: This is an  awareness drive powered by Horlicks to emphasise the importance of micronutrient’s in a child’s diet.

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| May 22, 2017

Thank you Hudaji for such informational blogs.

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