Pregnancy Glow - Is it Real?

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Pregnancy Glow Is it Real
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There is one phrase every pregnant woman has heard at some point during her pregnancy: ‘You are glowing’! Well, if you are nodding to this, then you definitely relate to what this post is all about. Pregnancy glow has, is and will always be big deal. From your mother-in-law to your nosy neighbor, your friends, and strangers and in fact you own mother, there definitely comes a point when pregnancy glow becomes the topic of conversation.

But, have you ever wondered why pregnancy makes you beautiful? What does it actually mean? Do women really get a warm flush on their face when they are expecting or is it yet another myth? Here’s a low-down on the reality behind pregnancy glow.

What Is Pregnancy Glow?

Pregnancy causes a roller coaster of changes in a woman’s body, a majority of it being physiological. Blame it all on the hormones, pregnant women look radiant and gorgeous, through the nine months, leave alone the mood swings husbands have to deal with. These hormones boost secretion of oil in the skin, making the skin shiny and supple. That aside, the increased blood flow also contributes in a big way, making women look brighter and blushed. And as a result, pregnant women wind up looking a little extra radiant. So these are the secret reasons for glowing skin during pregnancy.

The Science Of Pregnancy Glow

Have you ever wondered what causes pregnancy glow? Before you think its all because of your baby, its time you glanced through the facts of pregnancy glow. The best part about pregnancy is that you don’t need anything extra to look beautiful. Thank your hormones! Well, morning sickness, swollen ankles, and a protruding belly are part of the nine-month package, but there’s also another (bright) side to it. Pregnancy causes an increase in blood flow, dilation of blood vessels and hormonal surge, all of which leave you glowing like a celebrity.

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Pregnancy Glow Myths

Like for anything else, pregnancy glow also comes with its share of myths. Here’s debunking some of them:

  1. All women glow during pregnancy

    Definitely not! This is personal to each to-be-mum. In fact, there are women who have only puked, leaked and in fact looked horrendous
  2. Acne during pregnancy is an indication of a baby girl

    Like it or not, speculations about your baby’s gender will begin from the day you break the big news. And apart from the shape of your bump and which side you sleep on, some people also believe that your skin also plays a big role in conveying the gender. These are just old-wife’s tales and definitely is not true
  3. Dull and lifeless skin is an indication of a baby boy

    Some women don’t experience the pregnancy glow. Instead, they develop pigmentation, dark spots and dullness. And some people say this might be a sign it’s a boy in there. Well, again, these are all misconceptions and there is no evidence to back it

Tips to Maintain Glowing Skin While Pregnant

Pregnancy brings its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to skin. And if you are wondering how to deal with these temporary battles, here are some quick fixes that work like magic!

  1. Avoid harsh beauty products

    What suited you back then might react differently now. So, watch out on the beauty products you buy. In fact, some cosmetic creams and soaps contains substances which are unsuitable for pregnant women. So, read the labels before you buy or even better consult your doctor
  2. Watch the sun

    Pigmentation, tanning, dark spots and dullness make their way in very easily when you are pregnant. So, don’t forget to slather that sunscreen or even better, head out after sunset
  3. Switch to natural products

    Instead of walking up and down beauty stores, turn to your very own kitchen for quick and safe remedies. Milk, rose water, saffron, besan, wheat flour, vegetable and fruit peels etc are all harmless and naturally good for your skin. Plus, it is sure to suit any skin type. So, go for it without hesitating

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  1. Say no to beauty treatments

    Whether you like it or not, beauty treatments are a big no during pregnancy. Be it waxing, pedicure, manicure, facial or whitening treatment, a trip to the parlour could mean more harm than you can every think. So, stay away from anything of that sort
  2. Eat healthy

    Last but definitely not the least, what you put in is as important as what you use on your skin! So, eat a healthy, balanced diet, rich in all the essential nutrients. Also, don’t forget to include plenty of water

Pregnancy is a tough ride, especially when it comes to physical changes. From weight gain to skin issues and post-delivery stretch marks, there is a lot that women battle before they finally see their little bundle of joy. But, with a little extra care and caution, this too can be sailed through without much hassle.

Happy pregnancy!

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